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Friday, 4 May 2012

Last night's Corrie had everything good

I've just finished watching last night's installment of Coronation Street and by 'eck it were good!

Drama, danger, and a little touch of a smile just for good measure, like that spoonful of sugar, you know?

We had Terry Duckworth in a panic because his bent councillor got caught out and he said his club was down the pipes, complete with thugs roughing over he and Tommy. Terry was almost believable, too, until that little smirk over Tommy's shoulder at the end when he "reluctantly" accepted Tommy's offer of cash. Anyone else think the next call he made after he called Tommy was to the sharks? Me too.

Julie and Brian are facing a health crisis. Julie is not only facing the possibility of never have children but has to fear that a growth could be something more serious. I'm not sure which was upsetting her more but the scenes were very good. Doctor Matt tried to be reassuring but knowing it could go either way. Brian, for once, being serious and supportive rather than making a foot-in-mouth comment. Eileen and all the other factory friends, shocked and concerned. We all hope Julie will be just fine. (We all assume Brian has already had that vasectomy reversed like he said he'd do, or have they forgotten about that already?)

Elsewhere, Kirsty and Tyrone were triumphant. They managed to get the bent councillor in trouble and it looked like the campaign to thwart the lap dancing club was won. But Kirsty got suspended and Tyrone, thinking he was helping, found her a temporary job "stuffing knickers into boxes" which appalled Kirsty. Her impulsiveness has got her in trouble again and if she does keep her job after the investigation, she'll probably only ever be a desk cop. She and Officer Hooch can commiserate in the canteen over bad coffee.

She got herself so overwrought that she lashed out, blaming Tyrone, and whacked him with a metal soup ladle!! Even though I knew it was coming, it was still shocking! Natalie Gumede really knocked it out of the park. Excellent performances by both she and Alan Halsall!

When I first heard that Kevin might give Jack to Pam and Bill so that he could keep Sally, well, the insults Pam hurled at him were compliments compared to my opinion of Kevin Flamin' Webster. But in the end, Kevin did the right thing. He couldn't give up Jack even knowing Sally wouldn't have him back because of it. I hope Sally doesn't take Kevin back in the end. They both need to find something and someone new in their lives rather than going around the same old same old all the time. I would have liked Sally to remind Kevin that if the situation was reversed, his feelings towards a child she had from an affair would probably be no different.

And a little bit of everyday life, with Gail replanting her blooms and Mary bullying Norris. Life goes on.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Why does Kirsty need a job anywhere? She's been suspended, pending an investigation so she'll be on full pay. Even Tyrone would know that,and if he didn't Kirsty would put him right.

I hope Sally and Kevin don't get back together and that Pam doesn't take the baby. As others have suggested, Julie and Brian may offer to adopt him.

Tvor said...

I think Tyrone just figured it would give her something to do while the investigation takes place.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tvor,I don't think that's right. You wouldn't be allowed to work anywhere else if you are receiving a full salary from the Police. Tyrone might not know that but Kirsty would have made it clear. Sorry, it's just sloppy writing. Rant over!

Tvor said...

I suppose it depends on if you're suspended with or without pay.

Adam Rekitt said...

Apparently, it is not sufficient for Kirsty to be suspended for unauthorised access to the Police National Computer. She “jeopardised the relationship with the Council” and “brought the Police into dispute”. Yes, because catching corrupt councillors is exactly the kind of thing that tarnishes the reputation of the Police. Why do the writers have to overdo everything?

Anonymous said...

Is Kirsty still pregnant?

Anonymous said...

A buff fit guy like Tommy cowering as some middle aged skinny dude roughed him up? Sure...likely story.

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