Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pics: Terry Duckworth back on Coronation Street

Terry Duckworth is back on Coronation Street next week and as you can see by the pictures of him, it doesn't look like he's changed very much at all. He's still fighting, still scheming and this time, he's knocking ten bells out of Tommy, his own son.

These pics from today's Daily Mail show Terry and Tommy having a blazing row after Tommy’s van is towed away by Terry’s firm. As the argument escalates the pair start fighting in the street and Terry, played by Nigel Pivaro, 52, soon starts  fighting Tommy. 

Tyrone sees what's going on and pulls the two men apart and then it becomes clear to Tommy just who he's fighting with - his own dad!  Should be good to watch.

We'll see Terry Duckworth back on screen on Monday 16th April.

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David Cam said...

A wit on another web board put that Tezza looks just like Prezza - John Prescott when he was in the news for punching that bloke!

Anonymous said...

God Terry Duckworth coming back....how revolting! He looks more like an overbloated Boy George, minus the face of slap....gross!!!

Anonymous said...

Overbloated Boy George...HA!!

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