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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 30 2012

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.  Find out why these weekly updates have been written for t'internet since 1995 - and you can sign up to receive them by email at:
Freaky Frank Foster’s rape trial starts this week with Carla, Maria and Peter up in the dock.  Carla’s in tears and Frank’s got a sly grin on his face as he stitches up Leanne in the gallery. Just as the lawyer questions Peter and demands to know the answer to the question: “Are you having a relationship with Carla Connor?”, Peter falters and doesn’t want to answer. Not in front of Leanne any road. And as he falters, Frank’s mum Anne passes Leanne photos of Carla kissing Peter, photos that Frank’s private detective has taken.  “Yes,” admits Peter, defeated, while Leanne screams across the court room and runs out in tears.

On a lighter note, it’s the music competition in the Rovers and Norris and Sylvia go head to head, she’s on her uke-banjo and he’s on his keyboard.  But Norris isn’t playing, it’s an automatic keyboard that plays itself so not only was he planning to cheat but then the keyboard packs up and Norris tells Sylvia the competition’s off.  Ah, but there’s a piano in the cupboard at the Rovers and everyone urges Norris on to tinkle the ivories instead. He’s sweating because he can’t play a note but fortunately Mary saves him from embarrassment by banging the piano lid down hard on his hands so that he can’t play. 

You’d think Sylvia would be irked by Norris’ nonsense, but no. Her head’s turned with Milton from her cruise ship, the rich American she met, who swans into the Rovers and sweeps her heart away.  “Milton Fanshaw the third,” he says, introducing himself to Roy who replies: “Roy Cropper, the first.”  The one and only, more like.   Roy’s taken with the affection that Milton shows his mum and tells Hayley, somewhat bemused: “He actually appears to like her!”

Down the Street, Steve tries to get his marriage to Tracy annulled but for legal reasons he can’t. Tracy has to want it, which she clearly doesn’t, so Becky’s revenge of having Steve chained to the cow looks set to ring true.  But how will Steve get rid of Tracy now?  Tracy moves into No. 13 when Ken chucks her out, determined to play happy families with Steve, which is the last thing he wants. “I don’t love you, I’ve never loved you and I never will,” he tells her.  So while he might have no choice but to live with her under the same roof, for Amy’s sake if nowt else, he comes up with a plan to split the house in half and enlists Owen’s help.

Over at the Rovers, Eileen tells everyone that she and Paul are a couple while Paul tries to look as if he’s not there. It doesn’t stop the gossips though, they’ve got their tuppence to say about Paul being married to a wife with dementia.  Jason gives Paul the worst kind of flak, which is rightly deserved, but over a bit of male bonding involving a power tool and a chunk of wood, Jason tries to understand Paul’s despair at what’s going on between Paul and his wife.

And this week’s “Come Into The Back and Tell Me All About It” award goes to Deirdre Barlow who fell for the fatal line from Saint Stella of the Rovers.  Who will it be next week? Barlow’s Bookies are open for you to lay your bets now.

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This week's writers were Joe Turner, Mark Wadlow, Jan McVerry,  Julie Jones and Jayne Hollinson. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Anonymous said...

I think Stella is taping all the convo's so she can blackmail them later.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only fan who finds St.Stella unbelievable? (and not in a good way). She has as much warmth as a landed cod , please I'm begging ,do not renew (Michelle Collins) contract.

Anonymous said...

I know, let's see Tracy smacked over the head with a very heavy object AND kicked down the stairs. Blame Amy sleepwalking after drinking milk. Problem solved.

Anna said...

I don't agree that Paul rightly deserved the flak from Jason.

If I were married to a person with Alzheimer's, and they did not know what was going on any longer, if I fell in love with someone else, I think you could not blame me.

We all need affection and love and companionship and it's a bit hard to get that from someone who's not all there anymore.

I think it's really sad and I feel sorry for the character.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Ken finally stand up to that loser Tracy and kick her sorry butt out the door...and NOT backing down!! Next...Dreary needs the boot - she really is a doormat for Tracy. Maybe have those two (Dreary and Tracyluv) set up house together...can you just imagine the bickering?

Loved the scenes with Ken and Steve crying the blues.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%, Anna. Paul obviously loves and is totally devoted to Lesley, and will always make sure she has the best of care, but he shouldn't be expected to live the next possibly several years of his life without love and companionship. I think that those who are being hard on Paul should walk a mile in his shoes.

Anonymous said...

I, too, hope that Stella is removed. It's an annoying character and what is with her voice? Really irritating.


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