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Monday 23 January 2012

Friendships on Corrie - who's your favourite?

Becky’s departure tonight has signalled the end of one of the strongest friendships in Corrie history – between her and Roy and Hayley. I loved their scenes together and the end of the friendship, on-screen at least, has made me think about my favourite friendships on Corrie.

In the early days you had Ena, Minnie and Martha in the snug. Their friendship dated back to their schooldays and here they were in their sixties still as close as ever. The three had been widowed young and had lived through two world wars and a depression. When Martha died suddenly in 1964, Ena and Minnie’s friendship strengthened as they looked for companionship in their old age. They bickered over petty things but deep down they cared for each other.

Another strong friendship that lasted for many years was Len and Elsie’s. Their friendship dated back to the war and although Len had romantic intentions towards Mrs Tanner, Elsie refused to commit as she felt marriage would ruin their strong kinship. Their close friendship always fuelled Rita’s jealousy before and during her marriage to Len.

Bet Lynch had two significant friendships during her 25 year tenure behind the bar – Betty and Rita. While Betty was more of a mother figure to Bet, counselling her when men let her down, Rita was of the same mould as Bet – a siren, a femme fatale and they were the walking wounded. In the 70s they battled for Len’s affections. Rita eventually won and Bet hid her jealousy until they had a big argument in 1995.

Vera and Ivy were best friends for 20 years. Initially working alongside each other at Baldwin’s Causals, they later worked together at Bettabuys. Both had henpecked husbands and defended their young and enjoyed playing bingo. Along with Ida Clough, they weren’t afraid to stand up to Mr Baldwin!

Deirdre and Liz also enjoyed a long friendship. Prior to Liz’s arrival, Deirdre lacked in peer friends and her strongest friendship was with Emily that weakened after Liz arrived. Both Deirdre and Liz shared their worries over their children and the men in their lives – mainly Ken, Jim and Jon Lindsay. Liz was a great support to Deirdre when she was in prison in 1998. And both of them loved smoking!

About the same time Deirdre and Liz became friends, another friendship was born. Audrey and Alma would become friends for over 10 years. Initially a friend of Audrey’s daughter Gail, Alma found common ground with Aud. While Audrey was married to Alf, Alma eventually married Mike and due to both hubbies being wealthy, the ladies would go shopping for hours and afterwards would have a G&T in the Rovers. Audrey was a rock to Alma during her battle with cancer in 2001 to which she sadly lost.

Currently, the strongest friendship on the street is that of Rita, Emily and Norris. Rita and Emily have been friends for 40 years through Rita’s association with Emily’s late husband Ernest accompanying her on the piano in the nightclubs. Initially jealous, Emily softened towards Rita and their friendship has continued. The friendship has survived purely due to their mutual friendship with Mavis and later Norris. Both Rita and Emily have rolled their eyes heavenwards at Mavis’ dithering or Norris’ nosiness. They also share two other things: they were widowed young and they’re childless. And although they have a clash of personalities, they have become companions to each other in their autumn years. Norris is fond both of Emily and Rita. He lodges with Emily and works with Rita. He holds a torch for Rita and this was shown when he proposed marriage to her in 2007.

Have you got a favourite Corrie friendship? If so, leave a comment!

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Glenda Young said...

For me, it's Mavis and Rita.

Anonymous said...

Surely Steve and Lloyd deserve a mention!

Anonymous said...

It's got to be Mavis and Rita for me: what a wonderful partnership! They were so different yet sparkled when together.

Tvor said...

Mavis and Rita probably are the best ones. Emily and Ken have been friends easily as long as Rita and Emily, he's certainly known her longer even than Rita has at least. It was interesting to see Dennis' return because though he and Ken were very opposites when the show first started, I imagine they played together when they grew up on Coronation Street as boys.

I think Eileen and Sean have a really good friendship and Kirk and Jason and Ty are lads together. Curly, Martin and Kevin used to be quite good chums as well.

Cobblestone said...

Gail and Sally have a long-standing friendship and although it seemed to have been forgotten about in recent years, just lately we've been seeing it reassert itself. Hope they contiinue to do that. But also there is the quasi-motherly friendship between Rita and Sally which is of just as long duration.

abbyk said...

And then there's the strong friendship that was ripped to shreds, Kevin and Ty. It would never have been so devastating if they hadn't been so close. Yet, via twisted soap logic, they've begun making gestures of reconciliation lately. What's up with that?

Looney Baloon said...

What about Liz and Dierdre, they were pals enjoying a fag and a glass of wine and a moan together.

Llifon said...

Deirdre and Liz are mentioned in the post. :)


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