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Monday 30 January 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 30 January 2012

Coronation Street, Monday 30 January at 7.30pm

Watch the video preview here

IT’S THE DAY OF RECKONING FOR CARLA AND FRANK. As Frank's trail begins Carla's unnerved by his composure but bolstered by Peter's presence she's determined that justice will be done. In the witness box Carla's emotional as she tells the court how Frank raped her. When she's then questioned by Frank's defence lawyer about her relationship with Peter, Carla's uncomfortable but insists they're just friends. With Anne and Sally waiting for the bombshell of Carla and Peter's affair to be revealed will Frank's barrister use Trish's photographic evidence to expose them?
TRACY GETS THE UPPER HAND ON STEVE. With Steve and Tracy now living together at no. 13 Tracy's determined to prove to Steve that they can work things out but is this what Steve wants?
MILTON FINDS HIS FEET ON THE STREET. When Milton insists on visiting Roy's famous restaurant Sylvia panics and lies that he runs the Bistro. Milton's impressed by the Bistro but when it becomes clear that Roy isn't the owner will Sylvia be forced to confess he owns only a humble cafe?
Elsewhere Jason fumes as Paul appears for breakfast again, but Julie makes it clear to her sister that she'll be there for her when it all goes pear-shaped!

Monday 30 January at 8.30pm

FRANK’S BOMBSHELL SHATTERS LEANNE’S LIFE. Frank's trial continues with Maria in the witness stand. She gives a compelling account of the night Frank pounced on her but when cross-examined she gets a rough ride. Next up in the box it's Peter who's questioned closely about his relationship with Carla. Frank's barrister accuses them of having an affair and suggests it's still going on. Peter hotly denies the allegation but taking her cue Anne gets out the photo of Peter and Carla kissing and passes it to Leanne in the gallery. Will Frank get the reaction he's hoping for?
STEVE HATCHES A PLAN. Tracy's devastated as Steve tells her he never loved her and is still in love with Becky. But when Deirdre advises him that no matter what Tracy's done he should be thinking of Amy he comes to a decision.
ROY TAKES A DISLIKE TO MILTON’S YANKEE-DOODLE-DOO. As Sylvia's forced to show Milton the cafe he enthuses about Roy's retro diner. Ever the businessman Milton can see an opportunity for expansion but is Roy on the same wavelength?
Elsewhere Brian has a difficult meeting with the chair of the school governors. Results have been terrible and if he doesn't do something he's out of a job. Brian reveals he's got a plan but has he? Paul talks to Jason man to man.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Before the trial scenes start, here's my prediction. Frank will be found guilty,which fits the story line and sends out the right messages. However, as he has to assault Sally and be killed off, he will lodge an appeal and the conviction will be found to be unsafe. He's released and the story continues ...

Anonymous said...

Agree - Frank has to be found guilty. We SAW him rape Carla so if he were to be found not guilty it would send out an awful message.

Laura said...

Oh really? We also saw Tracy kill a man in cold blood and where is she now???? Jail??? What kind of message is that sending???


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