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Sunday 22 January 2012

Corrie weekly awards: Jan. 16 - 20

Death stare award: If looks could kill!

Deer in the headlights award: Deirdre couldn't have looked more guilty when she saw Becky waiting for her.

Inspector Clouseau award: Becky trying to break into the medical center. Same old loose cannon Becky, eh? But the scheme to to get the info? talk about keystone cops! Still, it worked!

Appropriate headgear fashion award: Could this look have been any closer to the real Tracy? Bride from Hell, anyone?

Eating Crow award: Kirsty did apologize to Tina who wasn't very gracious about it.

Redecorate this house: Lloyd packed up and left. Where did all his furniture go? (aside from the sofa he burned).

Wrong thing to say award: "Anna... Babe..." Owen, when a woman is spitting nails, "Babe" is *not* the thing to say.

Biting off more than you can chew: Eileen really didn't realize how difficult looking after Lesley could be. Why didn't Eileen go to Paul's house? Lesley might have been more comfortable.

Reality check award: Katy and Izzy told Owen a few hard truths. He might have been a good parent but he was shocked to discover they were afraid of him when they were small.

Lines of the Week:
Beth "Once a bloke's had a bit of this, they don't forget easy!"
Kylie "I never admit to something I *have* done. I'm damned if I'm going to admit to something I haven't"
Steve to Peter "You, Simon, Leanne, a model family!" (koff)
Becky "Many a fella's run for the hills after a date with me but this one's gone the long haul"
Hayley "I'm used to feeling my beliefs are out of sync with the world. I *am* out of sync with the world"
Becky to Kylie "You are going to get altitude sickness up there on your high horse"
Becky to Roy "You might wave a spatula instead of a wand but you are my guardian angel, Royston"
Becky "You're gonna send me a postcard?" Danny "Every day, until you get on that plane" (OH God woman, go with him!!!!)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Not best intentions award: Poor Lesley is obviously at quite an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s and she needs to go into proper day-care, get a trained professional carer or Paul is simply going to have to leave the fire brigade and look after her himself. Dumping her onto Eileen who he has only known a few months, in an environment she is unfamiliar with, why didn’t Eileen look after her at their home?, is just not on. Desperate Eileen is more interested in having a relationship with her husband than really caring for the poor woman. I don’t like this story at all. The lady who plays Lesley is very convincing though Frosty has to say.

Lovely Bloke Award: Marcus is just such a nice guy, and so much better without the awful orange Diva that is Sean, he really should be given more storylines on his own without being an appendage to the OTT one.

Gormless Award: are the writers building Gail up to become a simpleton? Her expression when asked to do the impossible, Nick actually talked sense for the first time in his life, was nothing short of half witted. Has she not learned her lesson after losing her job? What about a sense of simple right and wrong? I hope it backfires on her, silly silly woman. She and Deirdre are good established characters but they are just being portrayed as dippy old dears way before their time.

Verging on the ridiculous award: Now Becky has got the medical records, exactly what is she going to do with them or explain how she got them? What happened to the investigation about Tracy when Becky made a complaint? Weatherfield’s Finest thought it important enough to come out on Boxing Day to question Tracy - has it just now been dropped? Why not get Danny boy and his hotel employees to speak to her solicitor/ the police to confirm what happened that night, without this stupid fiasco of pinching medical records which never could happen the way it did. Becky could still have had the intention when she supposedly pushed Tracy, so it’s all academic anyway. Of course this piece of “evidence” is going to be screamed out at Steve’s wedding with Becky wearing her best frock, all so flaming predictable.

Spearmint Rhino award: If Sunita has bent to get a glass or bottle of mixers, her charms would have fallen out of that totally inappropriately low cut top she almost wore for her first day behind t’bar. It’s a backstreet local love in the middle of winter, not a gentleman’s club in Manchester.

Cry Baby Award: Owen was originally a tough bloke, a builder, a nasty piece of work, don’t forget the way he treated Eileen. Would be really being blubbing like a girl because Anna gave him the heave-ho? Dry your eyes mate.

Got off lightly award: Right so Tina retracted her statement so Kirsty was reinstated immediately, er what about the accident which was Kirsty’s fault? Would that not be investigated? I hope this tiresome feud is at an end now. .

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

When Kirsty gets the call about Tina retracting her statement she tells Ty and Tommy that she's still being investigated about the accident and will probably be behind a desk for now.

It's easy to apologise when you've got your own way....... being smarmy after you've been a b!tch does not cancell out the fact that you've still been a b!tch.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The actress who plays Lesley is very convincing - at least to someone like me who has no experience of Alzheimer's. The writers stretched a point bringing Lesley to her carer and that was simply a dramatic device for Jason's comments and the TV getting smashed. I suppose this story line is meant to be unsettling and that's how I feel. I hope they give Eileen a chance to talk to a friend about why she's really doing this. At the moment, the chemistry is between the husband and wife, and Eileen doesn't fit anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Pompous ass award...Ken spouting off about the virtues of old fashioned marriage vows. (And...would they writers PLEASE stop giving Ken lines at the dinner table? The man cannot speak and chew food at the same time!!GROSS!!
I agree about Sunita's dress. The boobs were almost up to her chin! She was given 10 seconds training and then Stella fobbed off to sit at Tracy's hen do? Idiotic.

Adam Rekitt said...

Grand Old Duke of York Award: I liked the "family conference" discussing whether Gail should help Becky, but I thought it meant Gail would be much more involved. It's hardly much of a risk to pass on Dr Matt's password from over 18 months ago.

Less IT Knowledge than a 5 year old Award: Any half decent system that is meant to be secure forces you to change your password more than once a year. Even if it doesn't, a supposedly intelligent doctor should know to change passwords after sacking an employee. Errr... and he should also know not to reveal his password to others. Errr.. and why would he log out of the system between seeing patients? What was the point of this silliness? It added no suspense.

Departure Collinson described as a "humdinger" that isn't Award: Becky's. Danny pleading with Becky to join him in Barbados was so funny.

Becky, we have met three times, yet I have agonised about whether I should give up my job so I can stay in Weatherfield, unemployed, with you.

Danny, I understand. On the strength of one night with you, I will, after a couple of days thought, leave behind my "parents", "son" and sister and move thousands of miles away.

Is Jeremy Sheffield's fee so large that Collinson couldn't afford to have him on the show for more than a month?

Line of the week Award: After one sip of water miraculously revived Kylie, Deidre said: "Where was that water from? Lourdes?

If Corrie had more lines like that and employed some script editors so the episodes did not seem like they were written on the back of an envelope, I might start to believe it was getting better.

Anonymous said...

All I can say after reading everyone's comments above, is that the public seem to know the facts better than the writers. Maybe the writers should research more before writing?


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