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Monday 30 January 2012

Corrie's trial week - what do you think so far?

Well, it's the start of Coronation Street's trial week.

Tonight we had Carla, Peter and Maria in the dock with Anne passing on incriminating pictures of Peter and Carla to Leanne in the gallery.  By 'eck it's all going to kick off.

But what do you think?

Will Frank go free as rumoured by tabloid spoilers? And if he does, will that mean he'll have to get his comeuppance later on down the line?

Another tabloid rumour has it that Frank will get killed off. And as we all know, soap rule number 65 says villains never go unpunished.  And of course of these two filmed endings there can only be one result. But what will it be?

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PeteJK said...

It's going really well! I'm loving it at the moment! I was so shocked at the end, poor Leanne!
"And as we all know, soap rule number 65 says villains never go unpunished." ... What about Tracy? Everything is going right for her at the moment, with Steve giving into her as she uses Amy as a way of getting to him. When will time come for her? aha!
I can't wait for the rest of the week to find out whether evil Frank will be sent down or not?!

Clare said...

Oooh I was angry watching. With Frank, Anne, Smug Sally and the way Carla was being treated in the dock. I know the defence are only doing their job but "there's a name for women like you" come on, that's uncalled for.

I hate how the trial has been made about the affair. The sl was brilliant and I'd hate to think that the affair could overshadow it.

I think he's going to get off.

Chewy said...

But the affair has always been there, it's just it developed into an actual affair after the incident

Tvor said...

I think Frank will get off, mainly because we haven't heard he's leaving the show yet and there were rumours he's going to come to a sticky end. I think the trial is fairly realistic with all that coming out about Carla's personal life and history. They'll use whatever they can get away with to cast doubt and unfortunately women still have to put up with their name being slagged off to make it seem like they're being vindictive and "crying" rape.

Frosty the Snowman said...

The trial is very good isnt it? Some great performances. Even Frosty has nothing to complain about. Ali King is one fantastic actress, I cannt stand the character of Carla but she plays her excellently. That Frank is a sly so and so!

Anna said...

I was on the edge of my seat at the end.

I hope Frank doesn't get off but I think he will unfortunately, viewers will feel outraged, then there will be a twist to make it more interesting. I reckon he'll get his, and then some, in a way that's worse than going to jail for a few years.

Although I found it quite sad when Carla was describing the rape and you could tell he felt something about it, maybe guilt.

I think Andrew Lancel is a good actor.

Cobblestone said...

And what a magnificent cow Ann Foster is! I know that, as a mother, she's prepared to do pretty much anything to save her son, but there was positive relish in her eyes as she handed Leanne those photographs. If Frank is killed off, I'm hoping we can look forward to Gwen staying around for some time to come, seeking vengeance for Frank like a Greek Fury. She has the makings of a classic Corrie villainess (and we've not had one of those for a very long time). I have a feeling she's capable of anything.

ChiaGwen said...

I SO want Sally to be thrown off her high horse with a thud - those smug looks between her and Anne at the trial riled me up to no end! Now I'm wondering if it will be Anne who kills Frank, (maybe she overhears him confessing) not being able to take in the fact that her perfect son is a rapist - and being on the edge already with the death of her husband and I'm guessing she will blame him for that instead of Carla as well....hmmm.

Anna said...

ChiaGwen - ooh that would be a good twist. I hope it is Ann who does the deed and bumps off her own son.

SimoneJenifer said...

This trial is exciting and believable. Both lawyers are using all of their tricks to win the jury over. My heart wants Frank Foster to be thrown in jail, but my head tells me different.
I'm still hoping that Sally Webster gets to see firsthand what sort of animal Frank is before he leaves. Oh, she just makes my skin crawl!


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