Friday, 20 January 2012

Lewis Archer returns - and gets punched by Deirdre

Nigel Havers returns to Coronation Street as charmer Lewis Archer next month - and gets a thump in the face from Deirdre Barlow.   

Deirdre, you'll remember, was caught on CCTV in the bookies having a snog with Lewis after falling for his charms.  He also fleeced  Peter Barlow and left Audrey Roberts heartbroken.

And now The Daily Star reports that when Lewis returns and walks into the Rovers Return, Deirdre punches him square in the face. 

The paper says that in scenes to be screened next month, Lewis tries to convince Audrey and Gail when they bump into him in a country pub that he’s his own twin brother, telling them: “I think you are mistaken. I’m Lewis’s twin. We’re always mistaken for each other.”

Sounds like it could be fun and let's hope Audrey won't open her heart and her bank account once again for him. Maybe it'll be Gail who falls for the fella this time around?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I am sorry but WHY is he coming back exactly?

Tvor said...

So that he can get punched by Deirdre! And don't tell me he didn't have that coming!

Anonymous said...

I loved Nigel Havers as Lewis, he was really fun to watch.
I just hope it's not a mistake to have Lewis return, which would seem an unlikely thing for him to do, other than to conclude the story and give this cad his comeuppance.
Also hope a similar story isn't in store for Milton and Sylvia.

Anonymous said...


Because it might be quite entertaining?


It's all part of Phil Collinson's personal vendetta against Frosty. PC obviously sits in his luxurious bunker, buried somewhere under Oxford Road station, obsessively browsing this blog and stroking his white cat while thinking up ways to annoy FTS.

Nathan Johnson said...

I liked Nigel's last stint, so I am interested in seeing him again. I'd like Rula Lenska to return again as well in the future.

I doubt Sylvia will be conned by Milton, as he is only in it about 2 to 3 weeks, and there is no indication he will be a conman (seeing as most plots are leaked in advance). I am quite looking forward to these plots in a few weeks.

maggie muggins said...

Oh, this is going to be good! Got to hand it to Lewis, he's got some nerve trying on the twin brother con. Comeuppance is always sweet on The Street!

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