Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Inside scoop on Coronation Street's new Media City set

There's an excellent interview in the Manchester Evening News by Ian Wylie about Coronation Street's move to Media City.   

The article reports that if all goes to plan, filming will switch to the new site in spring 2013.

Executive producer Kieran Roberts told Ian: "The move is full steam ahead. It’s a huge project and incredibly exciting. But we’ve got to arrive when it’s 100 per cent finished because we have to stop one Friday night at Quay Street and start the next week down at Trafford Wharf. So we’re keeping an open mind about an exact date."

The new Corrie exterior set will be an exact replica on the existing one, while increasing the scale of the buildings so they match the size of those in the real world.  Kieran said that said some areas of the new set, such as Victoria Street, will be slightly extended.

Read the full interview here.

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Can't wait for this

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