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Friday 27 January 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday January 26 2012

Hello, I'm Kathryn Spencer, a new Coronation Street episode reviewer on this site, pleased to "meet" you!

Following award-winning Katherine Kelly's fairytale but somewhat unbelievable farewell - as the avenged and triumphant Becky flew first class to Barbados, swigging champagne with Mr Nice but Boring -  the Street picked up the pieces following lying Tracy's long awaited and deserved comeuppance at the altar. Unrepentant  the morning after, a furious-looking Tracy was in fine eye-swivelling form,  claiming she had framed Becky "to save my family", demanding "booze, lots of it, to render me unconconscious" from her family and charmingly telling innocent passerby Dev: "What you looking at? Want a fat lip?"

Meanwhile her hopes of making up with Steve looked unlikely following the latter's withering put down: "You are an insane, lying, deceitful manipulative cow ... I was an idiot to think you had a human heart in that ribcage of yours."  We get the message, Steve.Then he announced he was getting an annulment. Time to put that meringue wedding gown on ebBay, Tracy!

Elsewhere, a nice bit of comedy relief as Norris' amazing  keyboard playing skills were unmasked as a sham - he has an automatic machine - by a suspicious Rita. "He's good - too good," and Dennis. And a shellshocked Steve and  Ken Barlow - furious after he had been lied to by both his wife Deirdre and daughter Tracy over the latter's miscarriage  -  took solace in a shared bottle of whisky in a darkly humorous scene as  they bemoaned their mutually chequered love life. "I lost a woman I loved - more than oncesh,"  Ken slurred,  misty-eyed, comparing himself, somewhat dubiously, to King Henry VIII. "Good things enter your life and  shine like a bright star and then you do something wrong and they  fly back and you're right back to where you started." Thinking of a certain actress who lived on a barge and force fed you homemade soup in your kimono, Ken?

Meanwhile Peter and Carla's adulterous web of lies came one step closer to unravelling as sharp-suited rapist Frank clocked her meeting Peter on one of their clandestine dates.

And Jason, never the sharpest tool in the workbox, finally realised the truth about his mother Eileen  who had enjoyed a  illicit  night of passion under the family roof with fireman Paul while his Alzheimer's wife  had conveniently gone into care.  "As soon as his wife is in a home, he's straight in your  bed," he noted. "That's wrong and you know it." Eileen, clutching her bouquet from soppy Paul, looked too lust-sated to care.

A  good episode, this one, with light and dark and the emphasis on  some of the older characters, rather than the tedious teenage Hollyoaks style dramas which are never the Street's finest moments.

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Anonymous said...

Kathryn.. thanks for the review!!
Rebecca in TO

abbyk said...

Loved the Ken & Steve bits. Poor Ken hasn't had a soulmate since Ted left, and Steve is missing Lloyd something fierce. Nothing OTT, just 2 very different men sharing very similar sadnesses. I think they would have had a good in-law relationship. Want a topple? Oh, yes.

Tvor said...

It was good. Yes, the stuff with Steve and Ken was brilliant!

Llifon said...

Ken and Steve - what Corrie is all about!

Anonymous said...

I loved Steve and Ken commiserating on the couch! THAT's the kind of Corrie scene that makes Corrie what it is - a favourite program that's been on forever. And who didn't luv the totally defeated Tracy?!!! Yay!!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Fantastic episode review - thanks so much! :)

ChiaGwen said...

Agree that the Ken/Steve scene was what we need more of and nice to see their interaction.Loved the put down of Tracy by Steve and her blubbering all the way home.
Thanks for the write-up but don't agree with your description of Danny being boring - if Becky ever does come back please bring Danny with you!

Adam Rekitt said...

Great episode review!

Anna said...

Nice review Kathryn.

I enjoyed watching Steve and Ken having a drink together and commiserating.

And of course loved to see the aftermath of Tracy luv being brought down.

Cobblestone said...

I too loved the Ken/Steve scene; pure traditional Corrie, funny and emotionally real, and all the more enjoyable because it was an inter-generational pairing. It's usually the oldies who carry these scenes so effortlessly, but I suppose Steve counts as a veteran by now.
Just one little nit-pick though - why the hell would Steve waste money on Dev's corner shop prices for a bottle of whisky when he still owns a pub at the end of the road with umpteen bottles in it at wholesale prices. Stella's mortgage only came though the previous day, so there's no way the sale could have been completed. I know the scene was only there for the lovely moment when Ken walked in, their eyes locked warily and he asked "Do you have another of those?", but all the same it jarred with me slightly.
Oh, and on the subject of Steve & Dev (which I was tangentially), when did they become all pally again, to the extent that Dev was offended not to have been originally asked to be best man. Last thing we heard, he was prepared to use the Rovers, but Steve was to be under no illusions that they were friends. Ah well, what's a little looting when there's a chance to show off, eh Div?

Kiwifruit & Cheese said...

Ha!! Just about wet me knickers laughing at Tracy's whining & crying & verbally lashing out at everyone. If she'd actually thrown herself to the ground kicking her feet in a full blown tanty it would have been the cherry on top....wouldn't have seemed out of place at all. Brilliant stuff.

I did wonder briefly about why Steve would be buying a bottle in the corner shop, but I figured maybe he didn't want to face everyone in the pub for the time being, who knows.

I think Steve & Dev become all civil and pally again just over time, nothing was really made of it that I can remember.


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