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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Coronation Street spoiler: Guess who's pregnant?

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Daily Star that says Julie Carp will fall pregnant. 

However, while Julie's over the moon to find out she's going to be a mum, Brian's convinved Julie has been playing away as he had a vasectomy three years ago.

So as Julie is thrilled with her baby news, Brian confides in Ken that he can't be the dad as he's already had the snip.  But these things can go wrong, can't they? Or has Julie really being having a fling with another fella?

Rumours have also appeared in the tabloid press that say Julie and Brian open a grocery shop in the old Elliott's butcher shop.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I am pleased for Julie and she would make a great mum but why has Brian had the snip? Has he had children, they are never mentioned. Oh dear perhaps the lady magnet randy garden gnome Peter Barlow is responsible!

Anonymous said...

Sigh not more Julie. She uses so many one liners I really dont find them funny at all. Until I read this I had forgotten that she was even in this show, Coro doesnt need her.

Digger said...

Yes, the snip isn't 100% successful (although ISTR it has a higher avoidance rate than any other method besides abstinence), so it'll probably be Brian's. Another lame excuse for a rock in their path leading to yet another make up. *yawn*

I like the idea of them in a grocery shop though. Pounds (or kilos) of comic potential. Their stargazing scenes on the Red Rec were hilarious.

Rebecca said...

Aww bless her!

Tvor said...

Then why was he the first one to bring up making babies a few weeks ago when they moved in and going along enthusiastically everytime she made a baby making reference?

Danny-K said...

If this pans out, first Kirsty announces she's pregnant, now Julie, which in soap terms is a relatively short time, more likely Kirsty will miscarry (or even Julie) which might count as a death, and thus leave a 'wedding' as the next turn.

So, a recent death (Frank's dad) (a periperal visiting character so might not count) a wedding (Steve and Tracey) which leaves a birth next.

So which is it to be - Kirsty or Julie? Unlikely to be both.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny for a laugh if rumours and I just say rumours, that it has something to do with either Norris, Roy or Dennis? . . . Well, they do say that the quiet one's are always the worst!

Cobblestone said...

Oh please! Dennis is practically her uncle! ;)

Nice to see Julie getting a proper stroyline though, rather than just peripheral comedy. I still say this pair could be the Mavis & Derek for the 21st century.

maggie muggins said...

I like the fruit & veg shop idea, hope it comes true. Does have loads of comedy potential! I like Julie, but find she looks pathetic when she yearns for a man in her life. Do women really act like that these days?

If she does have a child, it would make the shop an even more interesting place, very lively indeed! Unlike Droopy Dev's, where we hardly ever see his kids.

Anonymous said...

I thought the headmaster was married, have I missed something?


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