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Sunday 29 January 2012

Corrie weekly awards, January 23 - 27

Henry VIII Award: Steve.

Philosopher's Award: Ken.

Pop goes the weasel: I loved Becky popping a balloon with her cig! Uh oh...Trouble ahead, and I chuckled at David and Gail scooting across so as not to miss anything.

Poor Pitiful Me award: Dev was snivelling because Steve didn't ask him to be best man. Maybe it has something to do with you disowning him as a friend after Becky looted your shop?

Wedding Crasher award: She didn't wreck the wedding after all, but after Steve's nasty remarks, he deserved her revenge as much as Tracy did.

Regaining a spine award: Ken finally stood up to Tracy.

Crap Detective award: Peter's been using his "counselling" several times a week for ages to see Carla but the detective took this long to catch them, out of town?

Fashion fail award: I really can't see the attraction in these "fascinators" everyone has been wearing. I really can't.

Cliche award: While Robert Vaughn is a great actor, what's with the cliche writing? A round of boozes? Mosey to the restaurant? Really?

Gourmet fail award: Kylie, bless her, probably never knew what a vegetable was while she was growing up. No wonder she thinks feeding Max crisps and junk food is acceptable. David should know better.

Agony Aunt award: Stella's counselling patient of the week: Deirdre.

Six of one, half dozen of the other award: I've already got the distinct feeling that Milton has exaggerated his background as much as Sylvia has done with hers. Perhaps he won a cruise as much as she did?

Lines of the Week:
Sylvia "I will never again denigrate 'hoods'"
Becky "Revenge is going to be so much sweeter now he's chained to the cow"
(Becky pops balloon with intent) Gail "We should stay away" David "Yeah, we should" *They run across!*
Norris "It was like booking tickets for Psycho and having to sit through some schmaltzy RomCom with Hugh Grant!" (You didn't stay for the fireworks!)
Steve to Tracy "I did the right thing. It just turns out I did it for the wrong flippin woman!"
Roy "We love you, too, Becky" (Now you don't hear that from him very often!)
Steve "I'm collecting wives like my brother collected stamps"
Ken "Every solitary lesson just bounces off her like radiation off a cockroach. The Teflon Kid!"
Deirdre "Tracy doesn't do remorse but I do believe she feels it" (Only when she gets caught)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards:

Yet another Claire Rayner moment award: Poor Dreary who is another virtual stranger was the latest victim to be shepherded “in the back” where the Weatherfield Oracle sanctimoniously dispenses wisdom to the needy and less fortunate. Stella hasn’t even been married herself yet she is suddenly an authority and marriage counsellor for everybody. Phil Collinson obviously thinks that this makes the character sympathetic when she really comes across as rather an interfering fool.

Abundance of Knickers Award: I know the elastic on most Corrie residents’ is rather loose and most don’t have them on for very long, but there must be a massive demand for underwear for two backstreet fak-tras, Carla’s and Franks, to be so profitable and within yards of each other as well. These two could well do China and the Far East out of business! Who are all these mysterious “buyers” that keep popping up everywhere?

Pointless character again award: Michelle, I think the powers that be really don’t know what to do with her now. What was the random scene of her suddenly asking Norris is she could fix his electric organ all about, is she an expert on musical instruments? Then in a split second she was back standing back in her original place at the end of the bar. – a bit of poor editing there folks. Turned her nose up at Dev’s flat above the kebab shop before she went off on her exotic travels and now wants to go back there, why?. With no family and little contact with her sister in law Maria, there is absolutely no point in her still being there.

Get your priorities right mate award: Not only did Peter let his pal, Steve Mac, down as best man at his wedding, Leanne went alone to HIS son’s Parent and Teacher day, while all this sleazebag is interested in is his shabby clandestine assignations with the expressionless witch. Oh Frosty forgot, they are both “damaged” people, whatever that latest bleeding heart liberal phrase means, that’s alright then.

Stage Whispers Award: Peter and Carla plotting together in the Rovers, couldn’t have looked more shifty if they had tried, and anyone could have heard them. Quite laughable.

Soap Amnesia Award: Didn’t Dev say although he would drink in the Rovers as his local he wanted nothing to do with Steve or Becky ever again after the looting episode. Suddenly he is attending his wedding and eagar to step in as his best man.

Laugh out loud moment of the week award: When Milton shook Karl’s hand mistaking him for Roy Cropper.

Glenda Young said...

I think the "round of boozes" line fits with Milton really. It's probably what he thinks an American abroad should say in an English boozer. I was once in a pub in London and an American couple came in and the man asked the barmaid for "a pint of ale please".

Rachel said...

Most importantly - was Peter pretending to go to Sunderland a shout-out to Ms Flaming Nora??

Humpty Dumpty said...

My laugh-out-loud moment was Stella saying yet again: 'Come round the back'. Is this becoming an in-joke between PC and MC?

Peter and Carla: quite repulsive, really. Soaps don't do 'sex scenes' all that well, anyway, and this one was a real turn-off. It wouldn't surprise me if the actors barely speak to each other.

Why did they bring Robert Vaughn in, and what can he do in three weeks?

I noticed Michelle moving at the speed of light, as well. What was that all about?

abbyk said...

I was wondering if the writers could get American right. It's not the same as English. 'Boozes' isn't a noun in either, and 'mosey' is only on down or out of here, in cowboy movies. I'll write it off to Uncle Miltie's jet lag. At least he got the accent right (ha ha!).

Frosty, I do like your awards, but Michelle is a singer, so it would make sense that she'd know something about musical instruments. Of course, Mary, as the owner, should have made an effort, at least for show.

Adam Rekitt said...

Anything to do with the Faktry is a joke. From suggesting exploiting "clients" marriage problems to get a better price to the ridiculous scene between Carla and Michelle. "Av ya cancelled the meeting with Random Name?". "No, you didn't tell me to". "Ah, that's right I forgot". January's most pointless dialogue.

Agree about Carpet being repulsive. Norris and Emily have more sexual chemistry.

St Stell of the Snug's invites to come in the back are bringing humour back to the street. Unintentionally.

Tvor said...

And Michelle couldn't fix the keyboard. Norris had to use the pub piano.

ChiaGwen said...

Thanks for all the laughs commenters above me -almost funnier than Corrie! Stella's preoccupation wIth counseling Weatherfield's population is becoming rather tedious and bit of an embarrassment - will we see lineups to get in the back soon?

Anonymous said...

Stella's appeasing her missed opportunity to become an "Agony Aunt"...predictable and hilarious!

Laura said...

How about the idea that Norris nor Mary didn't think that there was a piano there in the pub???? Oh the keyboard doesn't work, what now? How stupid is that? And doesn't everyone agree that Mary has gotten creepier. The fact that she would rather break Norris' fingers than forfeit a stupid contest is insane. She makes me sick, get her off!
And Steve better throw Tracy out, no way should he let her stay in that house. I hate her, I guess the murdering thing is forgotten?

Anna said...

I liked Carla and Peter when they were getting together - thought there was tons of spark between them. But now they are together it seems to have fizzled out. I think that in normal life, Leanne and Peter have way more chemistry to their relationship.

I can't see Peter and Carla having that, and I can't see Carla being a mum to Simon.

Not many commenters on here seem to like Michelle but for some reason I've always liked her and hope she stays.


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