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Sunday 15 January 2012

Corrie weekly awards: January 9 - 13

Smug cow award: Faye's face after "consoling" Owen about the fish tells it all.

Deny Deny Deny award: Kirsty wouldn't admit she's behind Rita's arrest but she fixed it. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me. But that led to..the Busted Award!!

Lottery award: Gold Star: Dev had to sell his shops. He was nearly bankrupt just a few months ago and he can afford a car for Amber now?
Silver Star: Steve was broke too and he's ready to hand Becky over more cash for Streetcars and got a mortgage no problem for Number 13.

All around win award: Becky made contact with the hotel and the cute guy that manages it.

Fancy Footwork award: Stella confronted Peter but he managed to wriggle out of it. Barlow lying genes are very good.

Pushed aside award: Jealous star: Faye is feeling left out with Anna's attention being taken by everyone else.

Stylista of the week. You may be attending your husband's funeral, but there's no reason you can't be stylish.

Crazy on a stick award: Kirsty. Rear end collisions are always the fault of the driver behind for following too close. Bet Ty didn't think of that.

Sexist Snobbish Pig award: Devendra Alahan.

I'm confused. Anne said her husband's book was still where he left it. But weren't they away when he died? She had to bring the body home.

Lines of the Week:
Leanne's Phrase of Doom "I've got a man in a million whom I trust and adore. What more could a girl want?" (a faithful one?)
Sunita to Dev "For the best dad in the world? You're pretty average in the rest of the departments" (That good?)
Becky "This is beginning to sound like a date" Danny "Looks like a duck, walks like a duck..."
Tyrone "Once a mug, always a mug" (doesn't your heart just break for him?)
Becky to Tracy "When I want your opinion, I'll yank your chain"
Frank "I promise I'll wear this watch till the day I die" (Uh oh)
Beth about Sally "She could do with a fake tan and a pushup bra!"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Goggles on award: Quite what a personable gentle upmarket hotel owner like Danny boy would see in a gum chewing, fag smoking, ex jailbird chav like Becky is totally beyond me. She will go down a storm in his posh cocktail bar when she is lying legless after quaffing too many snake bites with the local riff raff. Hm another of those totally unlikely couplings that could only happen on a soap. Danny seems a good character (and a good actor) though, pity he couldn’t stay.

Random Singing Award Tina caterwauling to Tyrone to get him to come out for a curry – was this an attempt to make her entertaining? She is still frightful, and why is she suddenly driving everywhere when there is a bus, tram and taxi service right on their doorstep?

Green Eyed Monsters Award: Those two unattractive old dracs, Eileen and Beth, making unpleasant comments about Sally and calling her “mousy”, nothing could be further from the truth, Sally is a slim pretty woman and has had more than her fair share of male attention, although she seems a tad obsessed with Frank and is always hovering around him – oh dear.

Prophesy of Doom Award: Frank saying he would wear his father’s watch until the day he died – oh dear oh dear!

Getting Ridiculous Now Award: Norris and Mary and this daft “music competition”. I presume it’s what passes for Corrie humour these days. Mary is just weird. Why hasn’t anyone complained that that flaming camper van is parked there constantly, where does she wash and use the loo?

Most unlikely barmaid award: Sunita is just not the type to be pulling pints and how do they suddenly need more bar staff? Even though Cindystella hardly knows her she is taken on immediately without interview, references or experience, just to annoy one of her best customers. Cue another tiresome Alahans and their marriage problems story. Oops sorry they are not even married.

More Nonsense with Psycho Cop Award: If Kirsty Poodle Head is a humble PC then she wouldn’t be trained or insured to be a police driver, she is a pretty rubbish one as well if she crashed into the back of Ty’s car with such force when they just stopped quickly at traffic lights.

Is this 2012 or 1912 Award? How come there are always so many unplanned pregnancies on Corrie, haven’t the residents heard of contraception? Dr Matt really should do some leafleting!!

Romance is not dead award: Peter and Carla meeting in a back alley – I cannot believe someone like Carla would behave like this. One word: Sordid.

Pointless character award: Michelle – after that silly scene with her getting out the taxi and leaving Kieran, there is really nowhere for her to go, how convenient she always seems to be out when Peter calls round. Should be written out when her contract expires in June without a doubt.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with all the awards and how about show-going-down-the-pan award? When I first found this site, there were a few comments on the lines of 'All soaps have ups and down. Stop moaning etc...', so I did for a while. Now I find there's very little to be up-beat about. It comes to something when the best writing goes to characters who are leaving the soap (Becky and Danny). The real test of a drama is when you care what happens to people. It seems when people comment on Peter and Carla, it's about the theme of rape and how it relates to the real world. Does anyone really care about these characters in this fictional world, though?

Anonymous said...

It's been a bit flat since before xmas.

- (agreed). How many unplanned pregnancies/miscarriage stories can you do?
- Steve/Tracey has been completely done to death. Implausible to put them back together. All this was done better with Karen.
- Becky's goodbye has lasted far too long- though at least it's seems she'll get an uncommon 'happy' send-off.
- Andrew Lancel hasn't been great in the last few weeks. Seems such an unversatile actor. I hope his departure isn't linked to Rosie Webster's. I can't deal with another Street female having a trial!!

However, I love Sylvia Cropper. She gave the week's highlight when she rebuked Carla for being impatient at the counter 'the world can wait for Y fronts'

abbyk said...

One character who is becoming intriguing is FayE. From years of experience watching L&O (ha ha), psychopaths begin by exhibiting cruelty to animals. We know her birth mother died, but what else happened to her. If Anna wakes up and they explore this, 'fixing' her before it's too late would be a good story, sumthin' for Dr. Matt to do. If it goes the way of David's epilepsy, phooey! In the meantime, Ozzie, Eccles and Baby Joseph, watch out.

Anonymous said...

Faye is one of those children who keep getting excuses made for them, until one day they take it too far. Look at the look on her face when Katy takes her baby round, I can see Faye lifting a cushion to Joseph's face when left alone with him. And then attempting to kill Owen by putting poison in his drink. Evil child.

Adam Rekitt said...

I agree that the entertaining moments are just that: moments. Small flickers of quality in a desert of dull, unconvincing stories about characters who I couldn't care less about.

There are far too many mistakes and inconsistencies. When Anne said the book was still by the bedside, I immediately thought, why didn't he take it on holiday with him? Who leaves the book they are reading behind? These constant errors make me lose concentration on the story. I am beginning to wonder if the intention is to distract the viewers, beause the stories are so bad.

ChiaGwen said...

To me there are several small gems in some of the stories - Danny is refreshing and can act! - Sylvia is superb in any of her scenes -hope she stays around for along time. Alan Halsall's acting has become better and better and I now really like Tommy - he fits in that group. Did you notice that smile from Kirsty as Tina is going up the stairs after Tyrone says it is Kirsty's home now - run Tyrone! Not sure of the timeline but maybe Kirsty was already pregnant when she met Tyrone and is acting surprised when the doc told her the pregnancy was fine?

Anonymous said...

Kirsty will stop at nothing to get what she wants, hate to see this happening to Ty but oh what a gullible person he is.

The 'bunny boiler's' self satisfied smirk and Ty's 'rabbit caught in the headlight'expression were perfect and indicative of what's really going on in Kirty's head.

Frosty's comments made me laugh out loud, again.
The "folk opera" that Coronation Street was described as long ago has given over to the most typical of the 'soap operas' and I don't care about the characters anymore either.
I wonder who the writers are writing for these days?

Some characters make me feel uncomfortable; Kirsty's dangerous possessiveness , Faye's escalating daring behaviour, and Owen's veneer wearing thin as we begin to see his determination to 'get even', using forceful violence, as recent examples.

I wish Anna was spending more time with Faye, as she's not so much evil as troubled.
She needs help, badly.

Defrost Indoors said...

Re: Faye -- just look at the expression on its ugly face LOOK AT IT. Can't stand her.

Anonymous said...

OMG, just stop watching it if it annoys you that much!


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