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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Coronation Street weekly update - January 16, 2012

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update.

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Fed up and frosty, Sunita sacks herself from the corner shop this week and gets a new job behind the Rovers bar. She's never pulled a pint before but knows how to pull the punters and sets to wearing a skimpy top and a big smile. Mind you, Dev's not best pleased to find a cleavage with his wife behind it when he pops into the Rovers for a drink.

Kirsty's involved in a car crash this week and it looks like she's going to make a car crash out of Tyrone's life too. She flashes the blue, sounds the siren and speeds after Rita's car when Tina is driving Tyrone to town. Tina puts her foot down when she spies Kirsty following them, determined to drive to the cop shop and dob Kirsty in. But when the lights change to red at the crossroads and Tina has to slam on the brakes, Kirsty piles into the back of their car. Tyrone and Tina are cut and bruised badly but Kirsty's hit hard and rushed to th'ospickle.
Tommy tells Tyrone he must do whatever his heart tells him to do so he visits Kirsty in her hospital bed. The nurse comes in to say that Kirsty's tests have come back fine, she's going to be ok – and her baby's doing fine too. Tyrone's shocked by the news and he walks out, he can't think straight, but it doesn't take long before Kirsty moves back into Tyrone's heart – and his house– and Tina moves out. The one person who is happy to hear Tyrone's baby news turns out to be Kev and the two fellas share a handshake for the first time in months.

Sally makes herself available for Frank all hours of the day and night this week. After his dad dies she's on kettle duty, then staying overnight on duvet watch and not giving a stuff what the neighbours all say. And they do say a lot. Rita and Gail pop round to talk to Sally about her going out with freaky Frank. "We're not here to judge," coos Gail. But she is, and she does. And will Sally listen? Will she `eck as like.

Becky grows closer to Danny this week, she's swept off her feet and falls for him hard. He reveals he's got a son, that he's a widower and Becky and the kid get on like a house, or at least, a first-floor flat on fire. And just when it looks as if things are going well, Danny announces his job is taking him away. Far away to Barbados. He hasn't yet asked Becky to go with him, but you know he just will - and she will.

Before she goes though, Becky's determined to expose Tracy's lies about losing the twins and she collars Deirdre having a crafty fag up the ginnel. Becky demands to know what she knows. But for now, Deirdre's staying very tight-lipped.

Owen's had enough of David and Kylie and blames them for pouring creosote into the pond and killing his fish. But it's not them that's done it, not this time around. It's the attention-seeking Faye who's gone and chucked the creosote in. Anna's called away to spend the night with her brother and sister in law (he's chopped a finger off and she's only gone and fainted and banged her head). And while Anna's away overnight, Owen finds out just what little Faye has done. He loses his temper and punishes her, hitting her hard, twice. Oh, Owen. Oh, Faye. Oh, those poor fish.

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Llifon said...

It was actually Tyrone's car that Tina was driving - Renault Clio. But details details haha

ChiaGwen said...

I don't condone violence but I have to say I cheered when Owen rounded on Faye - I'm sure she has deep-seated abandonment and attention needing issues but she just didn't stop - did she?

Anonymous said...

Faye is a conniving evil little bitch - and a smack on the backside never hurt anyone. She certainly warrants discipline. She's a future Tracy-in-the-making.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Owen and his big concern about the helpless fish...what a crock. He's all of a sudden Mr. animal welfare..when - before or after his steak and kidney pie.

Loser storyline

Adam Rekitt said...

Why on earth would Tracy have her hair done at Audrey's, after attempting to frame Gail? Why is the character so nasty for no reason? Then she wonders why only her Mother and Godmother want to attend her hen party. This is a boring, badly written, badly acted pantomime character who should have stayed in prison.

I laughed out loud when St Stella was seen sitting amongst the happy hen night band. Sunita's first night behind the bar and St Stella hops it to join the revellers. What a Manager!

Frosty the Snowman said...

That top Sunita was wearing left nothng to the imagination, she looked like the cover of Asian Babes! Not that Frosty reads such material of course. Why would anyone have their hair done at Audrey's the local old dear's salon especialy youngish people like Tracy and Leanne.

ChiaGwen said...

Sunita's bosoms could have pulled pints on their own - sure to bring in more business...


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