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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Kylie and how she is stepping out of the shadow of Becky

I never liked Kylie. I couldn't see the point of her, and I hated all the stuff with Max because it didn't show Steve or Becky or Kylie at their best. When David turned up with Kylie in tow, I inwardly groaned, because I can't stand David and did not relish the idea of them shacking up together.

However, recently I've been changing my mind about her. I love how she's stood up to Gail but in a respectful way, and I am really glad that she fought for Max to return to her and David, but also that she was understandably unsure about it. I really like the way she and David are together, and I like that having a grandchild around again seems to have softened Gail, so all in all I've been happy about the Platt household.

But I didn't like it when Becky and Kylie argued. They were awful to each other, and I think Kylie always came off as a brat. (I'm not saying Becky was perfect either). Since they buried their differences I have liked Kylie a lot more, and never more than in the past month or so.

Last week (Thursday's ep I think) there was a lovely moment when Kylie and Becks were dressed really similar, their hair high up on the backs of their heads, matching huge hoop earrings, little jackets that were completely ineffective against the Manchester winter. They'd never been more like sisters and it was reflected in their working together to get Becky's revenge.

To begin with Kylie was only around because of Becky, so it was a great idea to set her up with a new family before Becky left, to avoid her flailing around with no anchor. (I like people to have families - whether blood or friendship - can you tell?) She is a person in her own right now and I see a great future for her on the street, out of the shadow of her big sister. I'm so happy that she and Becky parted on great terms, and that Kylie has her son back.

Paula Lane is an amazing actress, I can't imagine anyone else in the part. I like Kylie - and I never thought I'd say that.

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Tvor said...

I've liked Kylie from the very beginning and that's down to the skills of Paula Lane. Kylie leapt off the screen, for me even when she was being vile and brattish and you're right, she was a brat. PUtting her together with David was inspired and it showed her more vulnerable side.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand Kylie at the start, couldn't see the point of her.

But it was a stroke of genius setting her up with David. Not only have the Platts helped me grow to love Kylie, the addition of her and Max to that household has led me to fall back in love with Gail and David again.

Dolly Tubb said...

I wasn't sure about Kylie at first - nothing to do with Paula Lane, but it was all a bit contrived.

But she has been fantastic in recent weeks and I thought it was fantastic how the character has developed from being so defensive about everything to finally overcoming her fears. She is such a complexity-driven personality and I think Paula Lane has done an amazing job in that we can see where Kylie has been coming from all along - her insecurities, fears, longing for a family.

I am sorry that the dynamic between her and Becky wasn't more fully developed as it looked as though that could have been fantastic, but it was great that she was so 'with' Becky when needed. And perhaps she may always have been in Becky's shadow, so perhaps this is time when she can be her own person.

She, David, Max and Gail are a great family unit and I hope she stays around for some time yet!

dhvinyl said...

Love Kylie and. yes, Paula Lane is a great actress. The David character would be good if only he could act!


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