Monday, 30 January 2012

State of the Street - January 2012

It's that time again, time to witter on about some of the storylines that passed across our screens in January.

Is Tyrone going to be put through another "It's not your baby" speech this year? Is Old Trafford going to be turned into the new creche for all the children on Coronation Street?

How long will Sophie and Amber hide in the cupboard where they've retreated after the wedding fiasco? Will Becky remember to wear her sun cream on that beach in Barbados?

How much blood will Tracy leech out of Steve before he manages to get rid of her? Or will his liquid spine melt even further? Whose relationship is causing more eyebrows to raise, Paul and Eileen's or Frank and Sally's?

All this and more on State of the Street for January.

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1 comment:

ChiaGwen said...

Have never liked Kirsty and Tyrone as a couple and hope she turns out to be a liar where the baby is concerned and is found out before Tyrone becomes even more enthralled with 'his' new baby. Steve should let Tracy and Amy have Lloyd's old place and live on his own - get back into Streetcars and hire Eileen back at the switch when Frank's factray implodes - Fat Brenda will be too busy with her and ex-Eddie's one woman show to want extra shifts anyway. Hopefully that cupboard where Sophie and Amber are hiding has a good strong lock and everyone forgets to look for them.....

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