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Sunday 22 January 2012

Antony Cotton on This Morning Weds 18th January

Now, probably anyone who knows me knows that I adore Antony Cotton. I was 15 when Queer As Folk first aired, and taped it religiously, and absolutely loved Antony's character Alexander, the very camp, very loud, very Northern character who arrived back from Japan with a "boyfriend" - who turned out to be a rent boy. But Alexander was also estranged from his parents, and was later disinherited by his mother after his father's death, which gave an extra dimension to the character - and which was played with beautiful pathos by Antony.

So when Sean Tully arrived in Corrie almost a decade ago, I rejoiced, and have been doing so ever since. Sean is a loyal friend, a great worker, a good listener, and a great partner. I love him and Marcus together, and I love the great political message that they send. I really want them to buy a house on the street, and have a child of their own. Sean has worked his way in to the fabric of the street, I think - no pun intended!

When Antony was on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here I loved watching him. He swore like a sailor, and had his run-ins with Fatima Whitbread. I'm still surprised that he left before she did. I thought he might actually win - he was robbed!

Anyway on Wednesday while waiting for a lunch date, I managed to catch Antony on This Morning and wrote down some notes of what he said.

Firstly, they showed a montage of his best bits in the I'm A Celebrity jungle, and then he explained that they (he said we so I think he means his partner, but his parents were in Australia too, they were on the programme) had also had an extended holiday in New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia while they were there. He said that because he was scared of flying it was easier to do it all after having done the long haul flight, and he explained how Jennie McAlpine's dad - a clinical psychologist - gave him some CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help him fly. He talked about his phobias of spiders and how the floor in the jungle is basically a moving carpet, but said it was "the most incredible experience". He said that he made great friends in Dougie and Mark, and that you do form tribes.

Then he said it was great to be back in Corrie because it was like being back with family, and he said to vote for Corrie in the National Television Awards, and he will be back on This Morning on the 23rd of February to do some cookery!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I am sure it is great to be on that great gravy train that is Corrie, with his acting skills and behaviour in the Jungle, I doubt whether Hollywood is beckoning. I myself am not happy to see him back camping it up as usual, Marcus is such a better character without him.

Anonymous said...

He's awful. Love Marcus though.
His 'acting' when he tries to carry a story-line with some weight is so bad it's cringeworthy.

Tvor said...

I always liked Antony and always liked Sean on the show.

Anonymous said...

Dreadful character. I will rejoice the day he (hopefully) leaves.

Danny-K said...

At work there is a two team gay couple who work together. One is just like Marcus, level headed, hard working, and unless you're told, never in a million years would you EVER know he was gay. And in my opinion. he's a 'damn good bloke'!

His partner on the other hand makes Sean's character appear positively macho!

Sean is 'right'. So is Marcus. Both are realistic portrayals of gay's.

Dilly Daydream said...

I totally agree with....Rebecca & TVOR xx


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