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Friday 20 January 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 20 January 2012

Coronation Street, Friday 20 January at 7.30pm

BECKY TURNS TO GAIL IN HER HOUR OF NEED. As Steve and Tracy discuss their wedding vows Deirdre pointedly tells Tracy that honesty is the most important thing. But Tracy's saying nothing, especially when Steve shows her around no.13 – their new home! Meanwhile Kylie and Becky tell Gail how Tracy has wrongly accused Becky of killing her babies. As they beg Gail to help them gain access to Tracy's medial records so they can clear Becky's name Nick warns Gail to stay out of it. But remembering how Tracy tried to set Gail up in prison David reckons this is her chance for revenge. Will Gail agree to help Becky?
EILEEN HAS TROUBLE LOOKING AFTER LESLEY. Jason's furious to find Eileen looking after Lesley for the day and accuses Paul of abusing her generosity. Eileen insists she's fine but when a confused Lesley becomes violent will Eileen cope?
ANNA STRUGGLES TO DEAL WITH OWEN’S ACTIONS. When Anna tells Faye that killing Owen's fish was a terrible thing she reveals she wanted to punish Owen for trying to take Anna away from her. Assuring her she's going nowhere Anna goes to talk to Owen. When he points out that Faye needs disciplining will Anna agree?
Elsewhere Kevin's not happy when he hears that Frank is giving Sophie driving lessons.

Friday 20 January at 8.30pm

BECKY AND KYLIE PUT THEIR PLAN INTO ACTION. Gail provides Becky and Kylie with all the details they need to access the medical centre computer system and find Tracy's records. Inside the waiting room Kylie feigns a massive panic attack and as Dr Carter rushes to her aid Becky hacks into his computer. Will she find the proof she needs before Dr Matt becomes suspicious? Meanwhile as Tracy shows Amy around their new home, promising they'll be a proper family from now on, Danny stuns Becky with a proposition of his own. He wants her to emigrate to Barbados with him. As Danny hands her a plane ticket how will a stunned Becky respond?
PAUL MAKES A DIFFICULT DECISION OVER LESLEY. When Paul arrives at no.11 to collect Lesley he's shocked to see the damage she's caused. Will he now consider residential care? Jason's appalled by the state of the house and berates Eileen for getting involved but as she breaks down in tears will he relent?
ANNA WONDERS IF IT’S OVER BETWEEN HER AND OWEN. Izzy makes Owen see that he was wrong to hit Faye and warns him not to make Anna choose between him and Faye because he'll lose. Apologising to Anna he admits he shouldn't have lashed out at Faye. But can Anna forgive and forget?
Elsewhere Kevin orders Sophie to stay away from Frank but as the rift in the family deepens will Sophie agree? Anne observes Frank has landed himself in another mess!

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Frosty the Snowman said...

COME ON would Gail really

a) help Becky who she doesnt like
b) do something that she could be prosecuted for, she has been sacked already for similar offences.
c) passwords change, there wouldnt be the same one that was there in Gail's time

What sort of message does this send out that medical records can be nicked at random. More irresponsibility and crap from Collinson and his team

Anonymous said...

It's a soap, not a documentary .

Layman Battler said...

Soaps are meant to reflect real life, Anonymous. Once they lose sight of reality, they also lose any credibility they once had.

Frosty is right.

Adam Rekitt said...

Next time there is a Jane Austen adaptation on TV, I'll look forward to the characters watching TV then. After all it's a drama not a documentary.

ChiaGwen said...

Would Becky even know how to use a computer? - there was never any mention of one or her using it. Perhaps Gail knows Dr. Bland's password and he never changed it when she got fired. After all, they very well couldn't ask Deirde for her password could long as Becky gets the evidence she needs to wipe that smirk off of Tracy's face, I don't care how she gets it.

Anonymous said...

Do I not remember a laptop in Steve and Becky's place?

I totally agree with both Frosty's and Layman Battler's comments; there is very little of credibility about C.S. these days.
However, if more viewers than not want justice served, and don't care how it's reached, then Collinson is on the right track.

Anonymous said...

I remember Eddie telling about how he used to give Gary a belt when he got out of hand and Anna nodding in agreement whilst smiling she's Mother Theresa??
Becky wouldn't even know how to turn a computer on let alone find the right form to type a password into.
Is there a purpose to Dr. Carter anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

I like Corrie and I think it's really good so I don't care if people think becky prob can't use a computer or how Gail new the user name or password I like Corrie that's final

Anonymous said...

How do we know Becky cant use a computer. We dont see every minute of characters lives (or it would be 24/7 show then) so how do we know off-screen Becky didnt use a computer? People whine about anything now just because every single detail isnt put into it.

Even though Corrie streches credibility, I think Becky using a computer isnt one of them.

Clare said...

I think most people can use a computer. It'd be rare of someone of Becky's age to not be computer literate.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a soap, not a reality show, so sometimes things are bit weird, but if it helps the storyline then so be it! Frosty - a tip for you, watch reality show and don't come back until you can say something positive.You'll see how boring reality show is.


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