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Sunday 2 January 2011

Coronation Street fan sights in Manchester

Emails to the blog continue to ask when the Coronation Street set will be reopened to fans.

It will be open for tours from April to September 2014.

For fans planning a trip to Manchester who want to see some Corrie sights, where would you recommend they visit in addition to these suggestions below... 

Visit the exterior of the Granada TV  Building on Quay Street. On the entrance, up the steps leading into the building are blue plaques dedicated to some of the Corrie classic actors.  Well worth a look.

Find the Coronation Street mural in the Northern Quarter. If you find it and can tell us which street it's in, please do so we can let other fans know.  Here's a picture of it.

Corrie walking tours around Manchester are operated by the following:
New Manchester Walks

Visit Manchester 

Corrie tours around Manchester by taxi 

Also check Mark Llewllin's blog for any upcoming Corrie locations tours by coach - his tours are fab! Mark also has a list of Corrie fan sites to visit.And, Mark runs the Daisy Nook garden centre which has a Coronation Street tribute in-store with Corrie official merchandise for sale. Read more on that here.

Places to visit in central Manchester: 

Annie's restaurant - owned by Jennie McAlpine (FIz) and partner Chirs Farr. Located just off St. Ann's Square on Old Bank Street, Annies is tucked away from the hustle and bustle and the interior reflects just that with its cosy feel.

Ascott Hotel (as stayed in by Ken in 2007): 6 Half Edge Lane, Eccles. M30 9GJ

Audrey's house (old filming location): 91A Victoria Road, Salford. M6 8EF.

Audrey's house (current filming location): Manor Road, Salford. (Not sure of the number, but it's opposite the junction with Dronfield Road)

Chimney Pot Park (used in old credits, and sometimes used for Red Rec): Langworthy Road, Salford

Heaton Park, Manchester (used for larger Red Rec scenes, including the boating lake where Roy and Hayley had their first kiss): Manchester M25 2SW

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Prestwich (used for many Corrie weddings and funerals)

Phelan's house: 5 Ringley Chase, Whitefield

The Old Grapes pub was once owned by Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth) on Little Quay St.
Visit a pub called The Rovers Return in Salford, Manchester.

Further out from Manchester:
The Navigation Inn, once owned by Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner)
The Lantern Pike Inn, where Tony Warren wrote his first Corrie scripts
Doris Speed's house, commemorated by Manchester City Council with a plaque

If you can add to this list of places for Corrie fans to visit when they're in Manchester or the surrounding area, do please leave a comment below, with a weblink if you can, and I'll add details in.


Pam-UK said...

Heaton Park where the boating lake has been used as part of the Red Rec' and Les was trapped on an Island there and Roy and hayley had their first kiss there. The Bell Tower in Heaton Park was supposed to be where Ray Langton's funeral was. Nearest Tram Stop Heaton Park (excluding the restored tram that occasionally runs through the park)

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda

Thanks for reading my blog about Corrie Tours in 2011 and drawing my attention to your great blog. As a big Corrie fan myself I love your blog and will definitely be reading it again in future. :)

janice Fraser said...

Hi recently visited Manchaster, Yes went down to the Granda TV on Quary st, would also recommend that you wait out side the gate and you might catch a glimpse of some of the actors coming and going. This was the hightlight of my visit managing to meet at least 7 actors. would go back in a flash.
Enjoy your visit.

bbhilda said...

I can highly recommend the Old Grapes Pub, I met Liz Dawn (Vera) in there once, after she had left the Street, she was having lunch with some of her relatives, but was lovely. She insisted we got a picture together, and got her husband to take it, then she came over and sat at our table for a while for a chinwag. It was the highlight of my trip.

Anonymous said...

Lorraine from OZ wants to walk into a Corrie shop and buy some memoribilia and not online

Anonymous said...

That mural as you call it is on the side of Affleck's, but I'm not sure it's actually there anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the name of the hospital that Ena Sharples was in? Apparently I was born there :)


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