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Thursday, 3 December 2009

On the House: Nov 1 & 2, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

I have decided to lump these two episodes for Tue and Wed together, since there are about five this week! I was also completely devastated to hear of Maggie Jones passing just yesterday. For those who don't know, I also manage a "What Would Blanche Say" fan site and Twitter page. These, are now tribute pages, unfortunately. Well fellow fan, in any case, here is your episode review.

Written by John Kerr (Tues), and Martin Allen (Wed), directed by Alan Wareing.

She-Who-Cried-Wolf (Rosie) tries her best to lie about John attacking her so that she can get money, and revenge, from him. John gets questioned in prison, the whole street is against him, and even Fiz is wavering on her faith in him. John figures this is best settled face-to-face, so he goes into the Rovers, and confronts Rosie on the issue. Rosie couldn't explain how the door in the Cafe locked which gave her up. She admitted to the events not having happened, and John got his justice, plus a couple pints on the house.

At the Vicars & Liz party, Liz tries to get back to Lloyd so she had stolen all his records except for a couple that she roasted in his oven. She left a note saying she'd trash 'em all if he didn't get Theresa to apologize. Lloyd tries to get Theresa to apologize, even says he'll get down on his knees. As he does, the whole party including Liz, flows out into the street, and Theresa exclaims "Of course I'll marry you!" Well, so much for Liz's revenge. Theresa keeps the engagement ruse going long enough to drive Lloyd crazy until she reveals it's a joke. You know, they're not a bad couple.

Claire is absolutely three sheets to the wind after coming home from partying with Becky. The two of them have a right laugh stumbling home, but Claire pays for it the next day. Becky insists that they do it again, but Claire tells her that she thinks they should try the theater group, to which Becky hesitantly accepts. Was this new friendship too good to be true?

Ken has gotten a call for a job, and is elated. He tells Deirdre that he wants to make this Christmas for Simon extra special.

Eddie has gotten himself a new gig: putting sod in everyone's gutter all the way down the row houses and getting them to pay him to remove it with his ladder. Until, that is, he hit Eileen's house. Nothing gets past her! Eileen wants Jason to leave the sod on their gutter, she has a plan. Oh, I can't wait! This is the Eileen I love! The one without Jesse, haha.

Becky finds out about Steve's little golf business, and isn't happy about the money he's been spending, or the cost of the membership mostly. Steve goes into Dev's shop and says that Dev can have the membership since Steve is too busy to golf anyway. Dev figures Steve is trying to bow out of their challenge, so now it's back on. Oh boy.

George and his wife are over at Peter's for a visit. George finds out that Peter was going to open a bar and didn't think it was a good idea based on his past. George also thinks it's not a good idea after he finds out from Simon that Peter's house nearly burnt to the ground with Simon in it. Peter reminds George that they're both doing the best they can.


- Kelly not getting the "Vicars & Liz" joke, since she doesn't think Liz dresses like a tart. Haha.
- Graeme in the ladies look dressed as Liz and asking Julie if he could borrow her lippy. The horrified look on Julie's face was incredulous. He is such a perfectly deranged character, I absolutely love him!
- Theresa suggesting that Lloyd could use one of his melted records as an ashtray. Gawd, she's wonderful. Also, her forcing Lloyd to apologize to her. I'm enjoying the childish rivalry between her and Liz.
- Claire getting completely bladdered on her night out with Becky! I love drunk Claire.
- Eileen getting onto Eddie's plan. Oh, I can't wait to see what she's going to do.
- John just walking into a bar full of people that don't trust him, like it's nobody's business. Gotta love his persistence.
- Norris referring to John as the "Weatherfield Ripper." Haha.

- I can't believe that little twat Rosie Webster actually went through with her threat against John. Has she no shame? (Don't answer that!)
- Molvin acting like pigs in a blanket in their seedy motel room. Molly talks about her life as Kevin snores. Already like a married couple. I suppose practice makes perfect.
- Dev finding out about Steve's lessons, Steve getting caught for taking lessons. The whole golf sideline story bores the bejesus out of me.
- George getting critical of Peter's fathering. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? George must forget that he was the neglectful father and hardly a saint. I'm not a fan of George.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Dilly Daydream said...

That Rosie really is a nasty piece of work. I could quite easily slap that horrible smirk right off her face.

I was quite annoyed at Fiz and Dev too.

Walzing Matilda said...

Why didnt they give a short tribute or even mention Maggie's passing after the episode yesterday. I cannot believe we will never see her again, her "Quentin Crisp" scene was the last one she ever did. A terrible loss.

Dilly Daydream said...

Agreed Matilda, I thought they might have dedicated last night's episode to her........

Tvor said...

I thought Liz was being particularly mean to Lloyd since it wasn't his fault Teresa did the vicars and Liz thing. That kind of revenge was uncalled for. And drunk Claire wasn't funny at all, it was cringeworthy. Some actors can't play drunk and she's one of them.

Dilly Daydream said...

Apparently tonight's episode is being dedicated to Maggie with a tribute (according to Digital Spy).

Layman Battler said...

There are certain things you just do not do in life, and cooking a man's vinyl collection is one of them. I was mortified for Lloyd.

I enjoyed Claire's drunken scene, though - particularly the visual when she thought she still lived in the old house!

Pleased to hear there will be a proper tribute tonight - I was very disappointed that Maggie's sad, sad passing went without mention last night.


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