Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The "f" word hits Coronation Street

Last week on Coronation Street, Tyrone called Molly "a borderline feminist" and it got me wondering if that's the first and only time the "f" word's been used in our favourite soap? And although Tyrone used the word accusingly to Molly, caveman that he is, it's a word I want more of Coronation Street in its powerful, correct context.

Have there been any feminists on Corrie in the past - you know, women who have taken a stand for their rights? For this fan, I reckon Angie Freeman. Or do you think that Coronation Street women are powerful enough already and know exactly how to handle their men, their lives, their hair and mascara without the need to be labelled as feminist - or not?


Anonymous said...

I would agree with you. Most of the women on corri get their own way one way another, but are not 'F'

Glad you reminded us of Angie Freeman

Tvor said...

I reckon Curly Watts has used the F word in the past. He was always very supportive of women's rights. Emma Watts would probably be considered a feminist, seeing as she was a police officer and not the run of the mill ordinary traffic cop type either. She carried a gun on armed response! Charlie Ramsden probably was too but she kind of fell apart.

Eileen is certainly not backward in coming forward defending her rights and neither is Claire and i reckon Emily Nugent Bishop was probably one of the earliest feminists, before they even coined the word. 100 years ago she'd have been chaining herself to a fence for the right to vote, don't you think?

Walzing Matilda said...

I dont think there are many women in Corrie that would be walked over easily but none of them are "F" words, it sound a bit dated now, a bit right on 1960s.

Anonymous said...

Angie Freeman. About five foot one. Drank pints, was cute as a button. Spoke her mind and knew how to dress.

She still remains my favourite woman of the street ever.

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