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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, December 7 2009

Right, I’ve written me cards, the tree’s up, the tinsel’s twinkling and the turkey’s been ordered. It’s time to crack open the sweet mince pies. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Cast your mind back to last week as we left the Rovers Return in a state of disarray. The Vicars and Liz party was in full swing with Graeme in full drag as Mrs Mutton McDonald. He even goes into the ladies’ loo, enjoying himself in his new frock and pouting his lips in the mirror. Meanwhile, Liz is fuming behind the bar and she steals into Lloyd’s flat to get her revenge by putting his Northern Soul records in the oven to melt. Poor Lloyd, it’s not even his fault, he still loves his Liz, it’s that Teresa woman that’s caused all this bother. And as Lloyd tries to apologise to Liz, he somehow ends up down on his knees on the cobbles in front of Ma Morton who accepts the marriage proposal that Lloyd didn’t even know that he’d given. Men, eh? They always say that.

Across the Street, John Stape’s arrested after Rosie cries wolf and says John attacked her. He’s carted off to the cop shop where they know him so well in there by now I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an invitation to the coppers’ Christmas party. As opposed to the Croppers’ Christmas party, to which he might get an invite, but that’s more likely to be an evening of festive Scrabble and Radio 4. Anyway, when he’s released, John makes a stand in the Rovers and cross questions Rosie as to the how, where, why and when he attacked her. The jury leaned in close to the bar, all ears turned to Barrister Stape who put forward a clear cut case for his innocence, m’lud. Rosie crumbles and does that weird thing with her mouth, Sally’s humiliated and Kevin’s too busy ogling Molly’s cleavage to care. But for once, Corrie fans up and down the country cheered on John Stape as Rosie Webster finally got what for. Not that it’ll stop her from doing it again.

You know it’s getting near Christmas when families get together for some festive fun. It’s just like that at the Barlows’ but instead of having fun they fight. It’s the war of the Granddads Round 1 as Ken takes on George and you can probably guess who will win. Ken starts work as Santa to earn money to buy little Simon some paper planes and wooden trinkets for Christmas. And he’s good with the old “Ho, Ho, Ho” is Ken, although it’s probably best for him not to say that when Leanne’s in the room.

Meanwhile, in the blue corner, Granddad George not only ingratiates himself with Peter and Leanne by bankrolling their new bar venture, but he also promises little Simon mega-gadgets and bumper-bling in his Christmas sock. No old tat from Grandad George, no, he’s loaded, he is, and likes to splash the cash. He’s got a huge house too. So George takes little Simon to see Santa in store, not realising it’s Ken behind the beard and wig. Simon’s confused when Santa starts telling him that Christmas is not all about presents and how much you get people to give you (it isn’t? oh). No, it’s all about paper planes and wooden trinkets, Ken/Santa says, so George has a dig and Santa and George come to blows. The store manager comes over and throws Ken out, warning him never to return and we see a forlorn Ken in his Santa outfit, feeling very sheepish and sorry for his elf. Ken’s also taken against George for offering Peter the money for the bar. “For every bit of help that George gives you, I will give you ten times the hindrance. You will not open that bar!” he hisses at Peter, who couldn’t care less. I like this Ken/George animosity, it’s like having Baldwin back.

Meanwhile, there’s a dull, dull, dull story going on around the golf course as Dev and Steve take up golfing again and Dev’s fallen in lust with Bernie the golf coach who doesn’t drink wine. It’s all a ploy for Dev and Sunita to get back again, through a contact at the golf club. But that’ll all come out in the wash next week. Be patient, and let’s hope it’s worth it.

Claire and Becky decide to do a panto in the Rovers, which is great news. They look back through some old photos of pantos past and Betty reminisces, which is always nice. The panto’s to be Cinderella, written and directed by John Stape. But who will play the lead roles of Prince Charming and Cinderella? I predict more fights.

And finally this week, Gary Windass decides to join the Army, it’s a decision which leaves his mum Anna in tears.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were John Kerr, Martin Allen, Mark Burt, Chris Fewtrell and David Lane. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

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Boronia said...

I quite fancy the notion of an evening of Festive Scrabble and Radio 4. There are advantages to getting older, you know!


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