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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Vicars & Liz: Mon Nov 30, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Julie Jones, directed by Alan Wareing.

Rosie's realising that she needs to get her hands on some money - and quick. I suppose she figures what better way to do this thank to further milk the source you got your cash from last time. She haunts John at the cafe and tries to blackmail him into giving her fifty thousand pounds or else she'll tell everyone that he's assaulted her. John tries to call her bluff and tells her that this ends here, and to get out. Oh, and he calls her a little b*tch! Go John! Only, his victory is short-lived as Rosie leaves the shop with an evil grin yelling "Help, someone save me!" into the streets. Oh, John.

Molly and Kevin are still on board about going "out" with their relationship. Oh, bother, who cares.

Ken notices that Simon now has very expensive tastes, thanks to Grandad George and has asked for something far too expensive for Christmas. Ken, not wanting to be shown up, says he might be able to deliver. Later, we find that same Ken looking through the classifieds pondering whether or not a call centre job would be a viable option. You'd think at Ken's age, he'd realise it's futile to try keeping up with the Jones'.

Claire manages to get Becky to invite her out for a night of drinking on the town. Becky throws down a few "warm-up" shots down Claire's gullet before the night starts. I wonder how this will end!

And finally, Teresa gets Lloyd to let her have a "Vicars and Liz"...err "Vicars and Tarts" party at the Rovers. Well, it seems that everyone took that quite literally, especially Graeme. Teresa came in with her best Liz impression, as did Graeme. Graeme walked in full out in leopard print, a big bra and a blond wig. Oh, and Liz's signature necklace drawn on his chest in what one could gather was either eyeliner or marker. Let's hope it was eyeliner, for his sake. Needless to say, Liz was not amused, and broke down in tears in the bar after calling Theresa pathetic. No amount of consoling could sooth her later. Oh, poor Liz, this really has gone too far.

- Tyrone telling Molly he figured she might be a borderline feminist! Haha.
- Becky telling Roy that in order to feel happy, he's to put a smile on his face and that will send a message to his brain that he's happy. Wait...isn't it the other way around usually? Haha. Oh, and Roy's forced smile to follow.
- Claire trying to get Becky to invite her out drinking, then choking down those shots. Haha, I really enjoy Claire lately. If she is manic depressive, I'm loving this period of mania.
- Sally commenting that a Vicars and Tarts party sounds so 1980's. Haha, I was thinking the same thing.
- Graeme pointing out that he'd like to don a short skirt to show of his legs, since they're so nice he could advert tights. I love Graeme.

- Molly and Kev meeting again, in their usual seedy motel room, and professing their love to one another. Also, then thinking they're really going ahead with outing their affair. Who are they kidding?
- Poor Ken feeling so undervalued since he doesn't have the dosh to match to Granddad George's wallet.
- Rosie wanting to go to school for medicine! Bahahaha.
- Rosie Webster trying to screw over John again. Exactly how many times does she think she can get away with this. I assume we'll have to see Sally on the war-path again?
- It was funny, but Teresa was really pushing her maturity level by poking fun at Liz again. Some people just don't know when enough, is enough.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Walzing Matilda said...

Is there no end to Rosie's spite?

I did laugh at the Vicars and Liz party yesterday, I would have felt more sorry for Liz if she didnt treat people so badly, Lloyd and Vernon a case in point.

Anonymous said...

I was so pleased that John put Rosie in her place, but as if he would let himself be alone with her. Come on, John is supposed to clever...

And I love Graeme. He just fits in well with any scene - I think it would be great if he started working behind the bar at the Rovers. They could ditch Sean to make room for him?

Yoork said...

@ Anonymous - I second that! Graeme pulling pints indeed!

Yoork said...

@ Anonymous - I second that! Graeme pulling pints indeed!

Clare said...

Graeme as a barman = yes please. I do love him in the butchers though! He loved better than Liz as Liz! I didn't feel too sorry for her, as she has been pretty bitchy to Lloyd when it's uncalled for.

Cobblestone said...

Ditching sean for Graham? I'll second THAT!


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