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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Maggie Jones on ITV News

I watched the news last night so that I could watch about Maggie Jones' sad death. They showed a great segment and I managed to locate it on YouTube, so it's below. It shows Blanche's very early scenes, including the one where she slapped Ray Langton. I love how even though Maggie's voice was very different (because she was younger) it's still recognisably her. She will definitely be missed.

I've been thinking about how I'd like the writers to write Blanche out. I'd like them to give her a proper send off. I think Blanche should die quickly in town or maybe on one of her fabulous One O'Clock Club trips, and for there then to be a funeral and wake in the pub. I love Anne Kirkbride at any time but she is great at pathos and I think she'd be amazing showing Deirdre having lost her mum - the woman who drove her crackers but who she clearly loved an awful lot. Even Ken would shed a few tears, because he and Blanche have always had a great relationship even though it was full of bitching most of the time.

Traceylove could even come to the funeral! They let people out of prison for funerals, don't they? I can just imagine her handcuffed to an officer in order to come - it would add a lot of humour to a sad day.

In the end I hope that they do give Blanche a proper send off and don't just write her out or have her go visit a relative or something. She was a great character and I think it would be only fitting.

My thoughts go out to Maggie's family at this time. She was great.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Blanche has a peaceful passing, but has some sort of tasteful humour that makes everyone smile and reminds people of her. I hope her funeral has a light-hearted essence to it, after all Blanche did love a good funeral! I think it would be rather fitting if Archie could return and do this for the Barlows.

RIP Maggie, she will be missed so much.

Tvor said...

I think they will have Blanche pass on in the show. It will depend on what her family wants though. Remember when Jill Summers died? her family didn't want the character of Phyllis to die so they just had her move to an old folks' home and off the screen. I was thinking Blanche's death would be quiet, Deirdre would go in to wake her one morning and she'd have gone. But you're right, an adventure with the One O'Clock club would be good, too!

Anonymous said...

Remember the episode when Emily, Rita, Blanche, Ken, and Dierdre were all sitting in a booth at the Rover's celebrating both Emily's and Ken's birthday? And Emily said she wanted to talk about the future rather than the past like the usual birthday banter? And Emily said she still had things she wanted to do -- go off in a hot air balloon, bungee/parachute jumping or something like that. Then when asked what Blanche would do, Blanche answered back, "I'd like to see Cats!". Well, if the Corrie writers are going to write Blanche's passing into the show, they should have Blanche and the One o'clock club take in Lloyd-Webber's Cats...then afterwards go and do a parachute jump...only to have Blanche's parachute fail. She lands smack dab in the middle of a giant cupcake -- one being made by a group that's trying to break the Guinness World record for largest chocolate cupcake...Blanche is found with a permanent, contented smile across her face....


Anonymous said...

Just to say so sad about Maggie's passing. I loved watching Blanche. The scenes with Ken Diedre and Peter have always been my favourite, it really wont be the same again. Loved the scene at the AA this year it was hilarious, Valentine's day last year was funny when Blanche said it was more like Domesday! Brilliant.

Clare said...

I do hope they give her a good send off. I think Deidre finding her having had died in her sleep on dying on one of her many escapades with the one o'clock club would be fitting. I know that Anne and Bill will be amazing, whatever they do.

Sea Penguin said...

Yes, very sadly missed. A tremendous character. The Barlow's tea table just won't be the same. I loved her dialogues with Peter and Ken - well, all of them actually.
A huge loss.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be just nice if Blanche 'died' on an outing with the One O'clock club - seems appropriate and the writers could have an absolute ball writing about how she 'was ok one minute and the next, she'd gone, just like that...!'

Or Deirdre finding her mother had passed in her sleep when she realises she's not awake and goes in to check on her and we cut to the ads with Deirdre holding her mouth sobbing, uttering, 'Oh mother!'
It'll be a dramatic episode for sure when that day comes. Norris will be a royal pain and Emily will have a few choice words to say... Peter explaining it all to Simon would have to be poignant with a comedic twist
"So, grandma has gone to annoy my mummy?"
"Yes son. She'll be up there looking down on us all - as if thats anything new, and she'll be able to be sarcastic to a whole new bunch of other people!"

It would be nice also if there were reminders of Blanche in a few months time... a spirit like hers was never one to be restful and for once, spooky activity that isn't the makings of anyone crawling between the loftspaces would be an added touch - especially if this time, it wasn't down to Eddie Windass or David Platt :-)

The reading of Blanches will would also be touched with humour too...

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada we are nine months behind the u.k. but we love our corrie.
Blanche was my favorite character and I loved her put downs and couldn't wait to see what she came up with next.

I agree Blanche should have a great send off. I also think it would be wonderful for Archie to come back into the picture to do the funeral and tracy to be let out for the day to attend. Come on Corrie writers here is a great opportunity to give a great character a great send off.

suemorton said...

I too am from Canada and was devestated to hear of Maggie Jones' passing. You could ALWAYS be guaranteed a laugh with her. I do hope that Corrie sends her off in true Blanche style, whatever that may be....but I must say for the first time since I've been watching this, I'm glad Canada's so far behind as it means we get to see her for another 9 months.


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