Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Blog Exclusive! Interview with Corrie's tart with a heart

Now then, here's another Blog Exclusive for you!

Jayne Tunnicliffe, who played Coronation Street's tart with a heart Yana Lumb, has given the blog an exclusive interview. How great is that? Very! Anyway, Jayne reveals what it was like working on the cobbles, what George Michael said to her on the Corrie set and where Yana's terrible taste in clothes came from.

This and much more you can read right here.

Very many thanks go to Jayne for this.

Once you've read Jayne's interview, why not have a look at these other fab and exclusive interviews we've had on the blog too:

Steven Murphy - editor of Inside Soap reveals his Corrie secrets here.
Grace Dent of the Guardian's World of Lather reveals hers here.
And there's even more gossip from Ian Wylie, top telly bloke here.


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Deborah said...

Wonderful interview. I've been enjoying your exclusive interviews Flaming Nora. I read it earlier and have spent the day thinking about Yana and Diggory....if only petitions worked. I think they would make a great comedy duo.

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