Saturday, 12 December 2009

This week's Corrie Awards, Dec. 7 - 11

Famous last words award: "Hallelujah!" Blanche goes out on a high note. (sniff)

Could you wind me up any further? award: Gold Star: Peter and Ken. One's as bad as the other. But I think Ken edges out Peter for prat of the year.
Silver Star: Graeme and Norris. I adore it when Graeme gets Norris all in a tizzy. Current score, Graeme 1, Norris 0.
Prison ain't no party award: Tony looks terrible! Guilt keeping you awake, is it? This was the best scene of the week, bar none!
How not to avoid any arguments award: Ken Barlow, plastering the neighbourhood with posters for a meeting of like minds in the rival bar and he thinks Peter might not find out? Peter would have been better off telling his side of the argument rather than insulting Ken and pulling out of the Christmas arrangements in front of everyone.

Good to see you again award: Welcome back, Sunita! I've missed you!

Lines of the week:
Carla to Tony on hearing she didn't kill Jimmy: "So you'll go to hell alone, then."

(I can't help it. There aren't many Blancheisms left!)
Blanche: "He got a degree 50 years ago and sits around sucking his pen while he half-does the Guardian crossword. Nowt clever about that!"

Blanche: "I'll give 'em Ho Ho Ho!" about Ken: "Who needs a turkey when we've got you?"

Graeme to Gary: "Unarmed combat and withering put-downs. I shall return to work a wounded man!"

Graeme: "I've a vision of someone stepping into a minefield with clown shoes on!"

Sean to Liz's idea that she could be Fairy Godmother: "It's Cinderella. Not Puss in Boots" (HA!)

Rosie: "Somewhere where my assets will be appreciated" (and her belly button too, judging from how low her neckline was)


Ena's Hairnet said...

Very poignant and very funny swan song scenes with Blanche. An irreplaceable character. Some comedy with Norris and Grahame, perhaps they will become an unwitting double act, we need some laughs now dear Blanche has departed. Cannot agree about Sunita being back, never really liked her – always soooo serious, and Dev is becoming embarrassing to watch these days he is so amazingly bad. The twins haven’t been mentioned in years. Nice house though!

Tvor said...

I Love Graeme winding up Norris!!

Anonymous said...

Dev is an odd character. But I'm new to Corrie and find many of the characters quite odd. The Sunita character appears down-to-earth in contrast to the unreliable, playboy-one-minute, devoted father next minute, romantic boyfriend to Bernie the minute after that...

Perhaps the two of them -- so different, but with a shared past -- and children ---engaged in a prickly storyline might be interesting.

Norris is hard to like without Rita. Without Rita, he's just a nasty, selfish old man. Rita, we miss you. Now that Blanche has gone, we need more level-headed senior ladies to put people like Norris in their places!

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