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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Father Christmas: Mon Dec 7, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Pip Short.

The war of the Granddads is officially on. Now that George has Peter and Leanne distracted with the planning of their new wine bar, he's got Simon all to himself. Ken tries to do anything he can to halt the progression of this plan, including going to the council office to cut corners, and even trying to make allies with Janice Battersby. The animosity comes to its boiling point when George takes Simon to the store where Ken is acting as Father Christmas. Ken's disguise comes off in their row, and George looks like the good guy to Simon once again. Oh dear.

Tyrone invites Jack and Connie over for Christmas. Kevin starts to get a little jealous of Molly's new found interest in Tyrone. He talks to her about their "plans," to be with each other, and how he wants it to be perfect. Blah, blah, I can't believe this is still going on.

Meanwhile, Sophie is getting ready for her baptism and Sally suggests they get a new outfit for her special day, but Kevin thinks it should be a Christmas gift in that case. Sophie thinks he's skint, yet can afford money for booze. No, actually, he's saving for his new life with Molly, that's why he can't put out the dosh for his daughter's new baptismal outfit. Honestly!

Claire and Becky make up after their respective hangovers bring some clarity to the issues they were rowing over the night before. Steve mentions that they've got some old photos of when they used to do pantomimes in the Rovers back in the day. Some good scenes here with Betty and how she's made herself the official casting director of the Rovers Christmas panto, thanks to Liz's approval. Betty reckons that Becky reminds her of Bet Lynch, barmaid that married the landlord and all. It's the hair, methinks. Oh, Corrie Panto, this should be so good!!! Can hardly wait.

Gary's back from his military intro weekend, and has decided that he's going join, since he feels this is the path for him. Oh, and that he's not got much else going for him being an unemployed ex-con otherwise and all. Anna's not happy, but Eddie convinces her that Gary's going to come back a hero and a good man. Gary overhears their conversation, and it's so touching, it's almost as though I'm not watching the right show. Eddie figures that he'd like to have someone like Gary by his side whether he's fighting the Taliban or rowing with Gail Platt. Wow, because the two are synonymous!

- Janice reminding Ken that Peter and Leanne are adults, and even if she could say anything, it wouldn't matter. This, is the truth in the end.
- Dev's little "super happy" attitude now that he's dating Bernie. It's kinda cute.
- The photos of the old pantomimes. Becky remarking the sour face on Annie Walker, Betty comparing Bet to Becky, and of course, old pics of Sexy-Specs.
- Liz reckoning that this panto will be different from the rest - the rest ended in disaster, and this one is beginning as a disaster.
- Eddie throwing his trash in Gail's bin to avoid tipping the bin man at Christmas. That man!

- Ken needling into Deirdre's contacts at the planning office and risking her possible new position there. He had good intentions, but still, he ruined Deirdre's opportunity and, as Deirdre says, shot himself in the foot.
- George purposely bringing Simon to where Ken is acting Father Christmas because he knows it will cause trouble. What else does George have up his sleeve?
- Molvin, and Kevin's false promises again. I just wish Molly would come to her senses, and just
forget about him and return to Tyrone.
- Kevin saving for he and Molly and not buying his daughter a Baptism outfit. Honestly!

For those who enjoy the more scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Walzing Matilda said...

I actually felt a bit sorry for Ken at the end, that store manager was a rude un! I think Dev should be in the lowlights, the silly voices and funny noises are becoming really ridiculous now.

Llifon said...

I loved Blanche's scene and Betty reminiscing about bygone days and Annie Walker. And nobody called her 'Annie'. It was Mrs Walker! Classic!

Tvor said...

Ken had it coming. Oh yes he did!
I'm looking forward to the panto! Nice that they were so aggreeable to John Stape writing and directing it. Yay for little tidbits of Corrie history!


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