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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Code of Silence: Mon Dec 14, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Damon Rochefort and directed by Stuart Davids.

Blanche is off on holiday to Portugal over the summer with someone from the 1 o'clock club, and Deirdre's already feeling lonely. Deirdre has bigger fish to fry when Norris shows her the Gazette article that Ken had written: Bar Wars! Needless to say, she's not happy about it, and clearly neither is Peter although the article puts him in a good light, ironically. With some quick trickery by Eileen, Ken and Deirdre are mended, but unfortunately Peter isn't so forgiving. Deirdre tells Ken to try harder to repair the damage done to their family so they may have a Christmas after all. What do you think? Will there be a Barlow Christmas this year?

Graeme's back on the street in a wrap, a cast and in crutches. He gets angry at Norris for putting him out of his gainful employment over the holidays. Norris finally mans-up and tells Graeme that he'll do his window cleaning round for him as reparation. Graeme accepts, then tells Norris he must obey the 'code of silence.' That being: anything you see in folks' bedroom windows, you keep mum about. Well, that's the whole reason Norris agreed to do this round! Norris has issues keeping mum, on issues.

Carla is stressed out at work, and the police detective arriving to take her in for more questioning doesn't help. At the station, Carla cracks under the pressure, since they brought Jimmy in that morning. Carla tells all to the detective (well, except for the part about Jimmy attacking her, and her bludgeoning him), and is let go. Michelle is starting to get suspicious about exactly what Carla knew about Liam's death to begin with. What would it help her to find out anyhow?

Dev is in the dumps over his altercation with Sunita and Matt. He tells Steve he wants to get custody of his children, but Steve reminds him that he's not even in a stable relationship. This prompts Dev to ask Bernie to move in with him in a strategic attempt to get custody of his children. Bernie sees right through this and tells him it's the most weird and self-serving proposition she's ever gotten, and he needs professional help. She's entirely correct! The nerve of that sleazy jerk.

Also, Kev gives Tyrone a hint about some perfume that Molly might like for Christmas, and Sally gets nostalgic about old Christmas gifts that her and Kev had gotten for each other over the years. Oh, that's Sally getting nostalgic again. Could this be foreshadowing something?

- That outdated picture of Peter in the Gazette article! And what was that shirt? Was that GEICO caveman?
- Norris explaining to Deirdre that the article went for the dysfunctional family angle, so they're not short on material. Haha! Almost missed that one!
- Eileen and her acting chops over at the Barlows! That Eileen really is a saint. (...a boyfriend that dresses as a cowboy...)

- No Blanche for Christmas, or even again really. I'm still sad, sorry.
- Norris being so callous for blaming Graeme to the bitter end. But, he does apologise afterwords and atone for his mistake. I'm putting him in lowlights, because I just don't like him.
- Norris only interested in Graeme's window cleaning route for perchance peeking into folks' bedroom windows. What a voyeur!
- The factory client hitting on Carla. Barf. For someone so "fabulous" she really has a crap life.
- Dev actually trying to use Bernie to get his kids back! He's such a sleazy snake!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review here scene-by-scene.

1 comment:

Sea Penguin said...

Personally I'll be devastated if there ISN'T a Barlow Xmas. It's a bit too soon for "George"/Raffles" to reveal himself as the villain I truly believe he is, and I don't think Peter is due to fall off the wagon quite yet, but there's got to be some major crisis round the teatable. Whatever happens, Blanche will be sadly missed.


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