Sunday, 6 December 2009

Corrie weekly awards for Nov 30 to Dec 4

Shiny award: Becky for those big butterfly earrings!

Scam a minute award: Gold Star: Rosie for trying to scam more money out of Stape and then trying to make people believe he assaulted her. Mare.
Silver star: Eddie for charging Deirdre and others 10 quid to go up a ladder and retrieve the grass he put there in the first place. (Why did nobody hear the ladder up against their house or see him do it?)

Big Fat Meanie award: Gold Star (tie): Liz and Teresa. One was as bad as the other. Teresa for the Vicars and Tarts thing and Liz for retaliating and destroying all Lloyd's records. And that wasn't fair. He had nothing to do with it!

You couldn't get it more wrong award: Gold Star: Fiz, for almost believing that her husband could be guilty.
Silver Star: Norris for thinking Eddie is being helpful and assuming Stape is guilty (as did everyone else).

Revenge is Sweet award: Gold Star John forcing Rosie to admit her lies in front of everyone. That goes along with the Suck Up award given to the Websters. We're very sorry for leading the mob against you, don't prosecute us for vandalism and false accusations please?
Silver Star: Eileen getting back at Eddie for his scams.

Stop feeding the flowers steroids: Dev is selling Christmas trees now?

Lines of the week:
Claire: "These acting exercises are vital." Ashley: "Yeah if you wanna be in 'horror films."

Becky to Claire: "I'll have you dancin' on the table with yer knickers on yer 'ead or my name's not Becky Mac." (She sure got comfy with that name quickly!)

Sean: "I haven't got a deviated anything." Sally: "That's debatable!"

Norris about Stape: "Any word on the Weatherfield Ripper?"

Jesse to Eddie: "I can hear whining but it ain't sirens!"

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Coronation Street Corner said...

I also liked the dialogue between Norris and Emily:

Norris: You warned him about me?
Emily: I felt it was my Christian duty.

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