Thursday, 17 December 2009

Betty Driver on Corrie's first panto for 34 years

Without a Christmas party at Underworld this year, the laughs are sure to come from the Corrie Chrimbo panto. Oh yes they are, etc. And the person I'm looking forward to seeing most in the show is Betty as the Fairy Godmother.

Betty Driver, who plays barmaid Betty, told The Mirror she was excited about being involved in Corrie's first panto for 34 years. The last Corrie pantomine was Cinderella back in 1975.

She said: "Mind you, I think my dress was a lot nicer this time around. It was fabulous with a gold bodice, a tiara and a magic wand. Last time I looked a swine. The dress was all white and very virginal. This time I got a throne to sit on too and they threw sparkle all over me – I was finding it in all sorts of peculiar places afterwards. We did it in the Rovers, so it was quite a tight squeeze. But the young ones in the show are such a great bunch and we all have such a good time. We gel as a group and they treat me just like I am their age, which I love.”

And it's great to read that Betty is determined this Christmas won’t be her last on the Street. She says: “I’ll definitely be here next Christmas. They will have to shoot me to get me out of here.”

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