Monday, 7 December 2009

Blog Exclusive! Corrie secrets from The Life of Wylie

Now then, here's another Blog Exclusive for you!

T'other week we interviewed Steven Murphy who brought us Corrie secrets from his office as editor of Inside Soap magazine. Last week we had an interview with Grace Dent from The Guardian's World of Lather. And this week we've got top telly writer and self-confessed Corrie fan, Ian Wylie to share his soap secrets.

Ian's a freelance journalist and, until recently, was the London Editor & TV Editor of the Manchester Evening News (MEN). He writes about television and Corrie for national newspapers, magazines and the MEN, plus he blogs at The Life of Wylie.

And there's something else about Ian Wylie that he makes no secret about - he's a huge Corrie fan. And as his articles are crucial, intelligent reading for fans of telly and especially fans of Corrie, we decided to quiz him about his love of Corrie and how it fits in with being a TV writer. But will he ever get his dream job as reporter with The Weatherfield Gazette?

You can read Ian's fab interview here.


Tvor said...

I always enjoy Ian's Corrie blogs and MEN pieces!

Anonymous said...

That was fun! Thank you! I also really enjoy The Life of Wylie.

Anonymous said...

Why do they have to keep changing characters from one to another when you get use to them.

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