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Monday, 14 December 2009

Hallelujah: Fri Dec 11, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Martin Allen (7:30), and Jayne Hollinson (8:30), directed by Pip Short.

Ken promises Deirdre that he won't write an article for the Gazette about Peter's bar. So instead, he goes behind everyone's backs to a reporter from the Gazette to get HIM to write the article instead, drudging up Peter's alcoholic past. Needless to say, this doesn't go over well, even after Blanche's attempts at diplomacy. Peter declares all out war on Ken now. Who will win this war?

Graeme continues to be the bee in Norris' bonnet by implying he stole his ladder from Weatherfield Council. Norris gets the police involved and Graeme ends up submitting a genuine receipt for the ladder bought from Weatherfield Council. Norris really has it in for Graeme and later checks the windows and raps too hard on the one upstairs causing it to break. Norris figures it's because Graeme put a crack in it. Later, Graeme boards up the window as a favour to Emily, with Norris holding the ladder steady. Norris gets distracted by Freda tell him they've won one thousand pounds and starts jumping for joy, not holding the ladder, as Grame falls face-first on the cobbles. Ouch!

Carla visits Tony in jail, where he tells her that she never really killed Jimmy - he's alive. She basically tells him he'll burn in hell. Oh, and Tony looked really good in that baby blue sweater.

It's audition time and the results are in. Playing the part of Cinderella- Claire Peacock, Prince's Servant - Becky MacDonald, Buttons - Graeme Proctor, Sean Tully and Jesse Chadwick - Ugly Stepsisters, and Betty - our Fairy Godmother.

Dev does it again. He royally cheeses off Sunita and Matthew. And even Bernie, so some extent with his rage over Sunita's engagement. He even go over there under the ruse of an apology only to tear into Matthew and essentially call him a kiddy fiddler. Sunita kicks him out on his bum and threatens for him never to return or she'll file for full custody. Oh, Dev!

- Graeme falling flat on his face on the cobbles from the ladder! I know this was bad and dangerous but I couldn't help laughing! *oowww*
- Becky's scary version of Cinderella and the looks on the faces of Betty and John when she did it! Haha.
- Liz reckoning she'd be great as a Fairy Godmother since she could jazz the role up with some fishnets and a sparkly little skirt, then Sean telling her it's "Cinderella", not "Puss n' Boots." Bahaha, I can't believe Ms. Hollinson went there!

- Oh Ken! Way to ruin Christmas and your family! That man is so hard-headed.
- Leanne saying that Blanche won't stop at Round 1. I almost teared up, because she will, since this was her last episode. :(
- Rosie coming into the bar in the most low-cut shirt I've ever seen (even on her) in the day time. It was so low-cut it looked almost as though the cleavage itself was the enclosure! Then her fawning over Peter for a job at his upscale bar and turning her nose down at working at the Rovers! That little twat!
- Dev blowing Sunita's engagement well out of proportion! He's insane! Also, him telling Matt that he doesn't want his kids growing up reasonable, but with fire in their bellies and angry. I can see why he doesn't have custody of any kids.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Llifon said...

When Graeme called Emily Mrs B, it reminded me of Kevin calling Hilda Mrs O. And it showed that Graeme respected Emily by calling her Mrs Bishop, while he called Norris by his first name. It's the little things that make Corrie in front of every other soap!

Tvor said...

I really love Graeme and in spite of really disliking Norris, i love that Graeme winds up Norris so much and so well!

Anonymous said...

I thought Becky's audition was so cringy, she wraps her hands around John's neck which looked like an attempt to strangle him, and then she seriously expects to get the part? Is she stupid?! And her comment about having a sword is like something a young child would say...sorry but I can't stand the Becky character!

I loved the Graeme/Norris stuff too, they really work well together! But so sad that it was Blanche's last episode :(

Jamaican Girl said...

I can't wait for the Canadian feed to get to this!!


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