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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Foliage: Thu Dec 17, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt, directed by Stuart Davids

Kevin's feeling guilt now that it's Tyrone's birthday, especially when Molly tells Tyrone she has to work in the evening and can't celebrate with him. Kevin figures a store-bought card and a bottle of pricey booze should make up for it. Kevin has more troubles as Sally announces to him that they're going to Paris for the weekend. She figures they deserve to live their lives and spend their money on holidays but Kevin disagrees. He tells Sally to forget about it - end of. Poor Sally.

Michelle's got new information on the Carla-Jimmy-Tony-Liam-Scandal front when she runs into Kev, and upon hearing the name Jimmy Dockerson, Kevin says he knows him and that she should talk to Carla about Jimmy. Michelle quickly puts two and two together (no, not those two), and storms into the factory to confront Carla. After a nasty fight and show-down in the street, Carla admits to Michelle (and all and sundry) how she knew that Tony killed Liam but skidded off to Los Angeles. No one is standing by Carla's side as she sobs on the cobbles, especially Hayley as she delivers cutting words after Carla begs for her friendship: "In that case, go visit your husband." Ouch!!! I did kinda feel sorry for Cruella in this instance, even if she was in the wrong.

Norris and Audrey are getting excited about the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party, and Audrey is excited about a new male prospect. Oh, can't wait for this storyline. Audrey deserves a little action!

Sunita reminds Dev how disgusting he had acted on the previous evening, and that she's giving him one last chance to be a father to his children. Dev acknowledges this fact and is on his best behaviour, for now at least. Oh, what is the Devster going to do now?


- Tyrone being candid about not liking the birthday gift Molly gave him - Jim-Jams - since he doesn't even wear them. *shudder*
- Carla and Michelle's cat fight. Gotta love a good hair pulling. But seriously, how mature is Michelle? That was a rhetorical question.
- Hayley for standing her ground and telling Carla where to go (to jail, to visit her husband).
- Sean figuring that something is very wrong, and very exciting about the whole Carla situation. He couldn't be more right.
- Graeme giving Norris lessons on how to climb a ladder and trying to get him to wear a ball cap while he does it. Hilarity ensues.


- Kevin being an arsehole to Sally! And now, feeling guilty about what he's done to his mate, Tyrone. Honestly, I can't handle much more of this Molvin storyline. I'm going to start omitting it from my reviews at some point.
- Dev getting yet another chance from Sunita. He totally doesn't deserve it. He's so sleazy.


Ena's Hairnet said...

Great to see Nigel Havers and Rula Lenska, doesn't she look good? Not so great with Ferrity Kevin telling Sally they couldnt afford the Paris trip, plenty of cash for seedy hotels for his bunk ups with Moll though! More tedium and ham acting from Dev, who cares if he and Sunita get back together, I dont, unless it means they move out of the street and far far away.

Tvor said...

Hayley's withering put down of Carla at the end of Thursday was wonderful!!!
I like Sunita so i'm glad we see her but yes, Dev is driving me batty!

Anonymous said...

Loved Hayley's comment at the end too! I find it hard to feel sorry for Carla though, she deserves everything she gets IMO.


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