Thursday, 10 December 2009

Corrie actors almost gunned down by cops

Craig Charles, who plays Corrie cabbie Lloyd Mullaney, was almost shot by police while filming, it says here.

Craig stars in the new crime film The Dealer and while filming, armed police trained their weapons on the cast because they mistook the action for a real-life gangland murder - only stopping when they recognised one of the ‘killers’ was Coronation Street actor Craig Charles.

Horrified onlookers strolling along a riverbank raised the alarm after seeing several ‘victims’ getting their throats slit before being dumped over the side of a boat, in what they thought were a series of brutal daylight killings.

Officers realised their mistake after noticing one of the killers with an infra red dot on his chest was Corrie actor Charles, while another team storming the nearby boatyard stumbled across another Corrie actor, John Thomson who plays Jesse Chadwick, learning his lines.


seapenguin said...

Sounds like a good idea for a Corrie plot. Swap riverbank for canal, and crime film for panto...?!

Ginag88 said...

the girl is called Sonya Roseman and she's my best mate! she's also an amazing actress, watch her coz she's gonna be big!

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