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Save Our Local: Thu Dec 10, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Peter Whalley, and directed by Pip Short.

Ken is a man with a mission: to stop Peter and Leanne's bar from coming to fruition. He talks with Liz and decides to have a "Save Our Local" meeting at the Rovers. His stance is that the bar will create unwanted traffic in the community and put the Rovers out of business. The general community are actually quite divided on the issue. Ken manages to get Liz and Steve on his side, since they own the local, and Claire and Norris, since they're adverse to any kind of change whatsoever. It's not looking good for him. Janice figures she'll go where the prices are low. Once Peter finds out about the meeting, it's no more happy families Christmas for Ken. Ouch!

The factory girls want to know what's going on for their Christmas-do. Carla informs them that the business is suffering, and they have to work their noses to the grind just to keep their jobs. Looks like no Christmas-do this year after all, tradition or not. Carla checks her mail at home later, to find a letter from prison. She throws it out, but then after a couple of religious swigs of Merlot, she decides to open it and read.

Dev takes Bernie to work, and notices that her client, and his friend, Matthew has Dev's kids in the back seat of his car. Turns out that Matthew's new fiance is indeed our Sunita. So nice to see her again on screen when Dev goes to hers to basically complain about the fact that she never mentioned anything. He says he's happy for her, but he's clearly not okay with this news.

In smaller news, Norris complains about Graeme's handywork again with the windows, Claire and Becky are prepping for their pantomime.

- Simon explaining tactfully the situation that occurred with his granddad's rowing in a department store. Leanne tries to tell him they were probably joking, but our Simon knows better.
- Graeme asking Norris if he wants him to wash his eyeglasses before he looks at the window job. Haha.
- Kelly saying she hopes that the new bar brings in fit men, since she's been in that area for years and hasn't found any. She really has been at it for quite some time, maybe she should consider relocating.

- Ken screwing up his chances at having his family at Christmas by publicly shaming Peter's project. He's going about it all wrong, as Deirdre would say. It's a hot mess now.
- Rotten Kevin telling Sally to "pick one" wedding anniversary. Just take your wife out to dinner you adulterous tight-wad!
- Rosie tired of being shouted at all the time. Well, I'm tired of listening to Rosie witter on all the time, but you don't see me getting short with people.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

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