Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Corrie's TV schedule changes, what do you think?

What do you reckon to the latest round of schedule changes to our favourite soap? If you're like Corrie fan David, and think summat needs to be done about ITV messing around with the timing of Coronation Street on telly, then you might want to sign the petition that David's started online.

Have a look at it here.


Sunny Jim said...

When ITV dropped Wednesday's episode and moved it to Thursday so they could show the ECL, we were told it would add stability to the schedule. However, this has been far from the case as it has become more peripatetic than ever. There seems little point in signing a petition as the programme is so popular that ITV can do pretty much whatever they want to it and won't listen to a small percentage of fans complaining. If they listened to their fan base they wouldn't have such unbelievable storlines as the current Molvin debacle. They might start to listen if they were hit in their pockets though, so I'll not be stepping foot in a Harvey's shop again until the Molvin story is over.

Bonny Bird said...

happening to the schedule

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition. I commented that, in times of football on a weekday when Corrie is on, it used to be shown on ITV2 at roughly the same time for that 'consistency'. We're just not getting that any more and if a compromise had to be reached, it would at least be the return of Corrie to ITV2 on football nights - especially as now, the analogue signal is being switched off slowly but surely up and down the country.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer it when they show one thirty minute episode stripped across the schedule five nights a week, Monday to Friday. This is what they did the other week and I have to say it works much better for me, rather than having a double helping of episodes on Mondays and Fridays.

Having said that, by showing two episodes each on Mondays and Fridays this does help to guard against the perception of 'overkill' amongst viewers becuase the programme is only on 3 times a week even though in reality they're still airing FIVE episodes. And, of course, ITV doesn't want to kill the goose which lays the golden egg!

For that reason, I can't see them willingly changing this in the near future.

As for the Thursday epsiode, it's generally accepted that this has met with a mixed reception amongst the audience as reflected by the fact that it is invariably the lowest rated episode of corrie most weeks.

ITV are also contractually locked in to showing the football in a particular timeslot so it's difficult to conceive how they could realistically put corrie back in its old Wednesday night slot.

If anything, I think they should move the Thursday episode back to Sunday evenings as when the X Factor's not on, this has been traditionally a poor night for TV viewing. I used to enjoy my fix of Weatherfield life on a Sunday evening.

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