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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Final Word: Dec 3 & 4, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt (Thurs), and Chris Fewtrell (Fri), directed by Alan Wareing

Alright, another bundled episode! Let's see if we can't get back on our normal schedule next week.

On the Stape front, we've gotten a forced apology from Rosie Webster and a genuine one from Sally. We've also got Janice pointing out that it's because of stupid cows like Rosie that make it hard for other women to get justice when abused. Go Janice! Drive that point home. Fiz tries to tell John they've made breakthroughs, but John feels as though he's being begrudgingly tolerated. Oh, please, the majority of people in the world are begrudgingly tolerated, don't take it so personally John.

Freda's interesting in participating in some competitions to make some quick cash, but Norris isn't helping her out any. He's retired from competitions for the time being.

Becky shows up at Steve's golf game with Dev and makes him throw the game. Dev, of course is a sore winner. Later, Dev gloats more so to Steve about his winning, and they decide to have a rematch. There's so much boring pomp and circumstance in this whole golf sub-plot I'm collecting drool watching.

Deirdre's fears are put to rest when she realises that Ken has been moonlighting as Father Christmas instead of lover-on-a-barge. Ken isn't happy when he finds out that George has offered to front the money for Leanne and Peter's bar venture and he lets George know it. Is George up to no good? What does everyone else think of him?

Eileen and Jesse give Eddie an ultimatum: return the money to the folks he's scammed, and he'll get his Father Christmas back. Eddie agrees after Jesse threatens to send Father Christmas piece-by-piece to him starting with an ear in the post. Nice to see Eileen and Jesse getting on again.

Claire and Becky have resumed their friendship and had an amazing time at the Amateur Dramatics. After a few pints and some shots later, they get into an argument when deciding on characters for a make-believe Cinderella panto. The argument came to bust when they couldn't agree on who would make the best Prince Charming: Stevey or Ashley. Ashley shows up in time to break them up, and Claire doesn't know why she tried to be friends with Becky. Is this the end of Lucy and Ethel already? I'm somewhat disappointed if it so, I like drunk Claire, she's so much more enjoyable.

Now, on the Molvin front, Kevin has told Molly that they need to put of their "outing of the relationship" for Sophie's sake. He wants to wait until she's done her exams, which is July next year. Needless to say, Molly's not happy about this, and it all ends in tears.

- Sally sincerely apologising for vandalising the Stape home. I was shocked.
- Ken throwing on the Santa hat with full chagrin! Haha.
- Eileen and Jesse getting one over on Eddie! Haha, someone's gotta put that crook in his place and Eileen's just the woman to do so.
- Claire and Becky's strange little friendship. Even after their rift, I'll sure they'll make up.

- Boring golfing sub-plot! Enough said. Does anyone enjoy this anymore? Where is it going?
- Leanne getting so upset with Peter over the bar loan. He's doing his best!
- Ken pushing Peter further into making bad decisions. He just can't leave well enough alone.
- Poor Ken, on the other hand, for having to compete with George. Ken just wants to be a good granddad.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Ena's Hairnet said...

I would have put Clare and Becky's friendship in the Lowlights, sorry, I think its unbelievable, annoying and just does not gel or ring true. Claire has to be one of the most pointless and irritating characters, I think I even prefer Michelle and that's saying sommat!!

Anonymous said...

With regards to the boring sub-plot of the golf, I have to agree. However watch this space, and Matt, next week - it will go somewhere!

Tvor said...

yes, the point of the golf business is to get Dev and Bernie together so that Bernie can dump him when he gets obsessed with Sunita remarrying.

Ken Barlow is an officious pompous idiot. And George may be just as bad. Good thing Ken doesn't have money, he'd be downright dangerous! George... hmmm... i think he's a bit previous don't you? He's got money and he seems used to getting his own way. I am guessing that Peter may fall off the wagon at some point and George is going to try to take Simon away from him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ena's Hairnet about Claire and Becky's friendship, it's awful. They are 'bestest' friends within a week, then they childishly fall out over roles in a Christmas play - sounds like something that would happen in a primary school.

I was pleased that Janice had a go at Rosie doing a disservice to women who have really been abused, especially after what happened to Toyah. But then again, Janice can hardly preach after her lottery scam prolonged Rosie's ordeal. Everyone on the street seems to have forgotten about that scam...
And yes, I agree the golf plot is dull.

Billy Niblick said...

Not only is the golf sub-plot incredibly dull and unrealistic, but it shows up the Dev character as without a doubt, the biggest knob-end on the street.

No real person would ever behave or speak the way he does.

Tvor said...

Even though Janice's actions with the lottery scam did prolong Rosie's abduction somewhat, she was still the best one to castigate Rosie for making it difficult for other women to be believed in real assaults. All because of Toyah and what happened to her.


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