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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 16th Oct 8.30 pm

Luckily, its only concussion for little Harry, but Sarah's sobered up and realised it may not be a good idea to booze whilst you've got kids? I doubt she was seeking legal advice from Adam but I reckon the nurse would have smelt the ale on her? Reeling from Shona's booze-addled rage (I am joking...slightly) Max runs off and it isn't long before Shona has a visit from Callum's Mum Marion (soap head swap klaxon) who's heard all about the skirmish, from her grandson.  Reaching for the coffee, Shona's slurring speech doesn't go unnoticed and accusations are wildly thrown. 
Has Shona reached breaking point?

Gemma's also getting a lesson in motherhood at the football ground, by getting her pregnancy bump stuck in the turnstile. Hilarious? Over a check-up, everything seems fine, but Chesney will not let the blue cheese burger issue go, will he? Working in a kebab shop, you think he'd be used to big bellies and burgers!

Getting grim over a pint, Geoff cajoles Yasmeen further, and pushes her to agree in his investment idea for speed daal - the man is a narcissist! Yasmeen makes a call to Zeedan.

Meanwhile, Marion visits Adam Barlow to seek legal advice in terms of her having permanent access to Max. Shona admits to Sarah that she physically shook Max and that David should have probably have adopted him years ago. As Marion tells Shona she is seeing legal access, its no consolation when Lilly admits it was she who hurt Harry.

Feeling embarrassed by her sudden illness, Sinead is struggling to keep her usual optimistic persona (its no surprise is it) and hides away in the bedroom. Later, Beth plays the doting Aunt and tells her not to push the family away, in her final days. Spending family time with Daniel and Bertie, Sinead seems to have perked up, but they both acknowledge that they are on 'the home stretch'.

Phew! - a bit heavy for our first episodes after a week off but superb stuff, all the same.

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Midd said...

Seem to have lost the plot! Who was Marion's son? Why is David in prison?
A quick reminder would be appreciated!

fairycake said...

Midd, Callum Logan was Marion's son. David was sent down over the money that was stolen from his gran, Audrey. Hope this helps to jog your memory. X

Midd said...


Anonymous said...

James claimed to have a few A levels yet said ‘learn me’ instead of ‘teach me’. Obviously not an English A level then.


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