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Friday, 16 August 2019

Which 5 Corrie characters do you want back on the cobbles?

With the news that Fiona Middleton is returning to Coronation Street as Emma's mum, and that 
Emily Bishop is returning too (even just by Skype), it's started me thinking. 

Which 5 Coronation Street characters would YOU love to see back on the Street?

For me it's a no-brainer and for those of you who know me well, I apologise for repeating myself.

My personal choices would be:

1. Spider Nugent
The Street's iconic soap dodging eco-warrier. 

2. Susie Birchall
Gail's best mate and all-round sex-pot.

3. Wayne Hayes
His return earlier this year was all too short.

4. Stephen Reid
Audrey's son and Gail's half-brother.

5. Curly Watts
Go on, Corrie. Put Kevin Kennedy out of his misery and give him a walk-on part.


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433stanley said...

Reg Holdsworth

Wayne (as above) needs to be a regular member of cast



Todd Grimshaw (Come on nobody died it wasn't a child)

Bet Lynch, Sally Lindsay & her Mum Suzie Blake

Anonymous said...

My list is Jason, Todd, Graham, Lloyd and Eva

Anonymous said...

Jason, Todd, Ted Page, Karen McDonalds, Vicky McDonalds (and Becky McDonalds for bonus points) - the returns of Steve's ex wives!

Hendo1970 said...

Graham and Danny Baldwin

Anonymous said...

Stephen Reid - Okay but as long he's not portrayed by Todd Boyce

christine said...

Todd Grimshaw
Jason Grimshaw
Curly Watts
Martin Platt

abbyk said...

Wayne, Todd, Graham, and Eva. Instead of being back another, I’d make Dr. Gaddas a regular.

coconno196 said...

Yes to Wayne, Curly, Todd, Martin and Ted. No to Reg Holdsworth. No to the Baldwins - Northern Corrie was taken over by Cockerneys when they were in it and the stepmother/ teenage stepson affair was really distasteful.

Anonymous said...

I may be in the minority but I don't want to see any more returning characters right now.
So far I think both Martin's brief return to say goodbye to his son and Toyah's return]keeping Aidan's baby,affair with Peter]have been disappointments.
I would like to see some of the underused characters on the Street now be featured in storylines instead of the same characters,Gemma, the Platts,Connors and Barlows being featured all the time.

popcorn said...

Angie Freeman, Wayne, Martin, Curly and Spyder.

Rebecca said...

I would say maybe... Curly, Eva, Lloyd, Bet Lynch, and I think Wayne.

As a Canadian, I say a HUGE no to Stephen Reid unless they get a new actor to play him. The previous actor did the worst impresseion of a Canadian accent I've ever heard!

coconno196 said...

Angie was great and it's a shame she and Curly never got together properly. But Deborah McAndrew is now a successful actor, playwright, producer and lecturer, so I can't see her gracing the cobbles again.

Anonymous said...

Curly, Spider, Lloyd. Definitely not Bette - her last return was a disaster.

Louby said...

Violet and Dylan would make life more interesting for Sean. I'd love to see Shelley visit with her child who must be 12 ish (?) by now. A mini Charlie!

I do agree with anon though that lots of cast members are underused.

Anonymous said...

Angie Freeman. End of!!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Blanche....but I am assuming you mean actors that are still with us..

1.Les...I've always loved Les, every street needs a harmless scoundrel (not a villan) and he's got grandkids, and now with the quads..he'd be back.
2.Clarie Peacock and the boys....she could probably sneak back into the UK and no one would bat an eyelash
3.Kirsty...shouldn't she be out of prison by now? and why wouldn't she want to see her only child?
4.Amber...Dev's daughter. Why has she never come back from Uni?
5.Craig Tinker...oh right,he's still there, but never gets a storyline.Shame

Samantha said...

In no particular order:
Sian, Todd, Jason, Graeme, Craig Harris.

And if we could bring one person back from the dead, Tina.

Unknown said...

If Audrey's son comes back we need the writers to remember Canadians don't use the same words as Brits. They always write North Americans with British language and it sounds ridiculous and contrived.


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