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In pics: Fiona Middleton. A quick recap for Corrie fans

With the return of Fiona Middleton to Coronation Street as Emma's mum, here's a very quick recap on Fiona's main storylines while she was on the show first time around.  

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Angela Griffin first appeared on Coronation Street as Fiona Middleton in December of 1992 and she was on the show for six years until September 1998.  

Fiona helped hairdresser Denise Osbourne (Daniel's mum) in opening her new hair salon and stayed on to work for her as a hairdresser. 

Over the next few years, Fiona received attention from Colin Barnes and Steve McDonald but found little to keep her on the street and, after discovering that Denise was pregnant in June 1994, she planned to find another job until Ken Barlow pointed out that Denise would require her assistance more than ever when she went on maternity leave.

When Denise absconded in 1996, she left the salon to Fiona who ran it under the name of 'Hair by Fiona Middleton' for the next two years, employing her best friend Maxine Heavey. 

After a rocky start, Fiona began a relationship with Steve, moving into a flat with him in Weatherfield Quays, but eventually ending up living with him in the flat above Jim's Cafe in Rosamund Street. Steve became distracted by his first love, Vicky Arden- breaking Fiona's heart - but not before some heavies had threatened her due to Steve's gambling debts.

After moving into the salon flat, Fiona started a relationship with police detective Alan McKenna but had a one night stand with Steve's father Jim in July 1997 - Aha! This proves that Jim can not be the father of Emma.

Fiona subsequently fell pregnant with the paternity pf her baby in doubt. Jim exposed Fiona's infidelity during her wedding to Alan leading Alan to abandon her - although he was later confirmed to be the father of her son Morgan.

Fiona attempted a reunion with Steve after Morgan's birth but upon discovering that he had cheated on her with Maxine, she walked out of his life. Away from the street she gave birth to a daughter, Emma in 1999 who was raised by her husband John Brooker. After separating from John, Fiona moved to Australia where she currently resides.

And now she's coming back - to face Steve and her daughter Emma. I can't wait!

Read our blogger Ryan's interview with Alexandra Mardell, who plays Emma as she reveals all about Emma finding out that Steve is here dad.  

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Pat said...

Is she coming back in person or only on skype?

Karen said...

I KNEW she had a child named Morgan somewhere in there. When my daughter had her son she named him Morgan because she liked the name, after hearing Fionna give HER son by that moniker.

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