Friday, 2 August 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 2 Aug

Friday 2nd August

SEB’S SUSPICIONS TURN ON JAN Jan tells Seb to accept that Alina is not interested in him and he should move on. Abi is intrigued when she spots Jan getting into Rachel’s car and tells Seb. Rachel tells Jan they are expecting a new batch of illegal immigrants from Albania and she wants to make sure there is no trouble from Seb. When Jan returns home Seb confronts him, just as Eileen walks in.
ROBERT FEARS CARLA’S ONTO HIM Carla walks in on Robert on the phone to Vicky but he says it was Young offenders confirming his start date. Keen to get her out of his hair he promotes Kate to manager asking her to tell the family Carla turned it down. Carla is bemused and tackles Robert questioning how he got his job with young offenders as he has a criminal record, Robert is flustered and when his phone pings with a message Carla picks it up! Is the game up?
JOHNNY TAKES SIDES Johnny is not impressed when Jenny gets Ed in to measure up Kate’s room as she is going travelling, knowing Jenny is making Kate feel unwanted he warns Jenny not to make him choose.
ELSEWHERE Abi starts back at the garage and Kevin suggests they celebrate with dinner at the bistro. Concerned that Claudia is making herself a bit too comfortable at No.1, Ken promises he’ll help her move into her new flat as soon as it’s ready.

Friday 2nd August

ROBERT’S PROBLEMS KEEP COMING Carla is shocked when Roberts shows her some of the messages from her family on his phone to out her off the scent. Furious she goes to confront them for keeping tabs on her. Robert calls at Vicky’s and is jealous to find Tyler’s dad Jed there too.
JAN PUTS SEB AND EILEEN OFF THE TRAIL As Seb tells Jan about the trafficking Jan covers and says he too had found out about it and has told Rachel her won’t work for her any more. Both men refuse Eileen’s pleas to go to the police saying Alina would be in danger.
KATE AND JENNY The two women call an uneasy truce for the sake of Johnny’s health.
ELSEWHERE Noting that Abi finds Kevin amusing Sally wonders if she could be the one for him. Ken is worried when Claudia continues her decluttering of number 1.

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