Thursday, 1 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 31 July 8.30pm

Caught in the crossfire, Robert tells Tracy that he's been innocently helping Tyler, and Vicky was just showing her gratitude. Only half-convinced, Tracy tells him to watch himself, or she will be causing trouble too. Vicky is less than pleased when she finds out that Tracy is also his ex-wife.

Jenny tries to convince Kate to clear out her room for the pub renovations, can Johnny be persuaded to move his daughter out Explaining her woes to Carla and Claudia, Kate is frustrated with life at The Rovers, and is keen on travelling, in Rana's memory.

Upon talking to Carla (who I thought would cough up the cash), Kate decides to raise the funds while working at The Bistro full-time. Later, however, she overhears Jenny slagging her off to Tracy!

Abi fails to tell Kev she's been fired, however, he's already had a call from the rival garage boss who's told him about her mishap! Joking aside, Abi apologises to Kev and he reinstates her at Webster's Autos.

Claudia's clear-out of Ken's clutter persuades the old cad to move her into No. 1 with him, while she waits for her new home.  Meanwhile, Jan tells Seb he's made another visit to the nail bar and says he won't work for them again.

Following the awards ceremony, Ray is pleased with how Michelle and Alya have run the event. Keen to chat with Michelle privately, Ray goes and makes her a job offer.

Accepting the job, Michelle gathers the team together to make the announcement. Alya is appalled and upset but Robert seems to have spotted an opportunity. Realising that Michelle will need two weeks away training for her new job, Robert diverts from Tracy's wry attempt at stirring it up, and   craftily invents an excuse to spend a few nights away with the 'youth programme' (AKA Vicky).

Michelle (who is as equally self-absorbed as Robert) fails to notice that his recent disappearances are becoming all the more regular.

Tracy's sarcastic eye-roll before the ending credits was an ominous moment (and my favourite bit of tonight's second part).

What did you think of tonight's Corrie?. Let us know in the comments.

I shall be back same time next week.

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coconno196 said...

How much does the bistro pay? £3000 is a lot for Kate to save up, though if she's still getting free bed and board at the Rover's it may not take too long! All she needs is cash for her boozy nights out.

Anonymous said...

The sooner that Kate leaves the better. She is just another character wandering about in search of a storyline. High time she grew up and stopped asking Daddy for money!

Anonymous said...

And the award for worst washer upper goes to Jan. He just squirted some washing up liquid on a cloth and then, though we didn't actually see it, wiped the plates which still had food on them and then handed them to Seb to dry.
If Corrie can't even do a washing up scene what hope is there for the rest?!

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