Thursday, 8 August 2019

Here's where to buy Toyah's flowery blouse

When I saw Toyah’s flowery blouse last night on Coronation Street I said to myself  'that's horrible and not the sort of thing I imagine Toyah would wear'. Then I thought 'I need to get out more'.
Anyway, perhaps you liked Toyah’s white flower blouse and want to know where it's from?
Our friends at SoapStyle have found it and it's here.

Glenda Young
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Anonymous said...

jeanie : I thought it looked really nice--much more becoming and stylish than some of the stuff she wore when she was landlady. The colors really suited her. She definitely has a new look now as counselor and Imran's girlfriend than she did.

MartesBC said...

True Anon, but I do miss being appalled by the unsightly creations, as it was kind of entertaining in its own way. I too like Toyah as professional councilor, her non Baby buying resolve, and her new look so much better now.

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