Friday, 9 August 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 9 Aug

Friday 9th August

GARY FINDS AN INVESTOR FOR THE FACTORY Sarah tells the workers that the insurance company will only pay out £20k which will not be enough to rebuild the factory. But Gary has an idea and introduces a business associate Derek Milligan to Nick as a new investor for the factory.
EMMA GETS BAD NEWS Emma returns from finally visiting her Dad in hospital and in a state of shock, tells Maria that he’s been diagnosed with stomach cancer.
EILEEN AND SEB PICK UP THE PIECES Having been discharged from hospital, Seb returns to No.11. He and Eileen sympathise with each other over the harrowing events at the nail bar. Accompanied by a support worker from the Salvation Army, Alina approaches No.11.
ELSEWHERE Maria’s on a high after her date with Ali. Audrey’s delighted to see her so happy. Jo Lafoe, a business associate of Carla’s is taken aback to find Carla working behind the cafe counter.
Evelyn’s intrigued to find out from James that Tommy Orpington is injured and won’t be playing in tonight’s game and uses it to her advantage.

Friday 9th August

GARY EXPANDS HIS EMPIRE Gary explains to Nick that Derek would buy the land, rebuild the factory and rent it out to Underworld on the proviso that he’s put in charge of the building work. When Izzy finds out that Sarah has refused to accept the offer as Derek is an associate of Gary’s she tells the factory staff who are furious she is putting her feelings above their jobs. Sarah is overruled.
EMMA’S FRIENDS RALLY ROUND Maria does her best to comfort Emma who’s clearly very worried about her Dad. Clearly upset, Emma tells Maria that her Mum, who lives in Australia, refuses to come over and visit her Dad despite his illness.
SEB AND ALINA SAY THEIR FINAL FAREWELLS At No.11, Alina tells Seb how the police raided the house where she and the other girls were staying, but her support worker is sorting her out with a safe house. Seb begs Alina to keep in touch but she refuses to make any promises.
ELSEWHERE A furious Steve tells Tyrone that Evelyn is running an illegal gambling den from the corner shop using inside information gleaned from James. Jo Lafoe tells Carla about her new online business and offers her a job. Carla’s flattered.

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Anonymous said...

Since she had no qualms about telling Nick about Callum's death,why doesn't Sarah tell him and Izzy about Gary being involved with a loan shark and that's why she's doesn't want him involved in the factory as I think Derek is a front for Gary.

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