Friday, 2 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 2 August

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

In the Rovers as Ed begins his measuring up for Jenny’s improvements, Princess Kate takes her flounce-o-meter up to 11 and stomps off the Bistro to earn the £3,000 she needs for her world tour. When she and the rest of the Bistro staff walk in on Robert as he is on yet another call to Vicky, he hastily hangs up and asks which of them wants to be the Assistant Manager in Michelle’s absence. Carla turns it down so Princess Kate is immediately promoted. Out of earshot Robert tells Ryan to share the information on their WhatsApp group.

Peter is hanging about in the Bistro too (anyone know what he’s doing for money?). His comment that it’s strange that Robert can work with young offenders when he has a criminal record piques Carla’s curiosity. She questions him about it just as his phone starts pinging again with Vicky’s messages, making him even more flustered and shady. When Carla takes his phone, he panics and spills all about the Spying-on-Carla WhatsApp group. With Robert’s phone she sends a message saying that Carla has gone mad and is smashing up the Bistro. This brings the whole group: Peter, Johnny, Kate, Ryan and Roy (who doesn’t have a phone but is joining in vicariously through Peter) running over. Having unmasked their not so cunning plan a furious Carla rails at them all for keeping tabs on her, quits her job and tells Peter she wants him to move out of the flat. Hell hath no fury like a Carla spied on!

Having basically ruined everyone’s day, Robert uses the kerfuffle to sneak out and visit Vicky. He finds her getting cosy on the sofa with her ex, Tyler’s dad.  Although he denies it, there’s a flicker of jealousy in his eyes. Vicky tells him she needs more than he is offering her and that her ex has asked her and Tyler to move back to Ireland with him and make a go of it together.

Back on the Street, Princess Kate is in best hard-done-by mode, pitting her Dad against Jenny and bleating that she won’t be pushed out of her own home (the one she doesn’t pay for and has only lived at for the last five months). If I was Jenny I’d tell Johnny to give Kate the three grand. The B&B might have to be put on hold but at least she wouldn’t have to keep looking at that sour face.

Meanwhile Claudia is continuing her valiant attempt to declutter No.1 and questions why on earth Ken (or indeed anyone) would need half a dozen ‘World’s Greatest Teacher’ mugs and more than one terrible brown sweater. He tells her the sweaters were all a present from the much-missed Blanche, (who’s plan was clearly to make him look like a dork from beyond the grave). When Claudia comments that she’s unsure that she wants to live in the flat she’s bought, Ken assumes that she’s angling to move in with him. She responds that she cherishes her independence, which unfortunately I don’t think was code for I’d prefer a boyfriend with at least one bit of home furnishing from this century.

Across the road Abi has is having a great time back at the garage and has even managed a sideline in posting Kevin’s alpha-male bon mot’s (which are mostly about chips) online. When Sally see’s her hanging on Kev’s every word she assumes it must be because she fancies him. It’s an easy mistake to make because having been married to Kev, Sal is obviously well aware that if wit was shit he’d be constipated. 

When not recording Kev Abi spots Jan getting in a car with Rachel and clocks that he spends half an hour talking to her and that she hands him a phone. I’m rather liking Abi as a one-woman-crime-fighting-unit. Last week she took down a home-invader, this week she’s spying on a human-trafficking ring, next week I reckon she could single-handedly uncover a fiendish North Korean plot to unleash a band of killer robots disguised as cats onto the world. You read it here first.

In the car dastardly Rachel tells Jan that there’s a new group of 15 arriving from Albania and that he better not mess it up. He promises her that Seb is history and she’ll never hear from him again. But having been tipped off by Abi, Seb is waiting for Jan at No. 11. He confronts him about Rachel but Jan denies everything. Seb threatens to tell Eileen just as the woman herself walks in and demands the truth. Jan covers his tracks and says he too has found out about the people trafficking but that he’s not involved. With Eileen convinced of his innocence he sneaks out and retrieves the phone and we hear him tell Rachel that everything is sorted and then ask when the next trafficked people are arriving in the UK. Good to know that Eileen's amazing talent for picking a wrong 'un hasn't let her down!

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MartesBC said...

Maybe Jan will turn the bad guys in? wishful thinking I guesse :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that Vicky's plan to move to NI with her ex is a ruse to get Robert to commit?

Anonymous said...

Getting sick of Peter Barlow blaming any one but himself for anything that might undermine Carla's recovery.

CK said...

Kate whines she should be manager as she needs the money for a vacation, what about Danielle with a new baby! Also, Abi finally gets her job back and then the first thing she does is immediately starts making fun of her boss online? Bravo

coconno196 said...

CK: this is something else that frequently comes up in the soaps - "you must give me a job / promotion / pay rise because I need the money". Never mind whether that person has any talent or skills! Daniel (wherever he is...) would be a better manager with his university education and sense of responsibility. Kate is just out for a good time.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm with MarlesBC and thinking (hoping) that Jan is actually a good guy. I'm guessing there will be a further plot twist where it turns out that he is working with what's her name (Sophie's high-powered lawyer girlfriend)--Paula!--and others to expose Nicholai and the rest of the traffickers. That is why Paula is so frightened at the moment and why he knows her but wants to hide it. Maybe it's wishful thinking for me too, but this story seems too simple. We see bad guys hide their true colors for months (like Phelan) all to build suspense. But the opposite story is also followed frequently-the good guy who is falsely revealed as a villain. It's sort of a law of soapland--if you're guilty no one will suspect you and even the police won't put two and two together. But if you're a good guy you'll be falsely suspected, or arrested or accused almost immediately.

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