Saturday, 9 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 8 February 8.30pm

We’re back and Shona is telling Clayton that she won’t be his drugs mule. She finds an ally in Leanne who recalls the trouble she had with Simon. Then Nick, having realised his mistake, apologises to her and tells her that David is a better person because of her.

Meanwhile Roy gives Carla his gift and shows his friends his mother’s ring which he’s had cleaned. As they gather round to look at it, they notice an inscription: RP 01.03.59 Rhea. What could it mean? Mary thinks it’s a reference to a South American flightless bird, whilst Roy leans towards Rhea Silvia the mythical mother of Romulus and Remus. While I respect both their imagination and detective work, when I think of Sylvia my mind doesn’t immediately go to Roman goddesses or emu’s…but maybe she had hidden depths that we didn’t know about?

Over at the hotel Johnny and Jenny finally have a heart to heart. She tells him that she forgave him too quickly over Liz and that their marriage has been a series of disasters. Johnny tells her that their marriage is worth saving because (amongst other things) he likes the way she makes his tea. Unbelievably an endorsement of her hot beverage skills fails to sway Jenny, so he tells her that she’s not perfect and he’s not perfect but they’re perfect for each other. Which is even more ridiculous then the tea comment because as we all know Jenny Bradley-Connor IS perfect, whilst Johnny is a very silly man with a penchant for pub quizzes who doesn’t realise how lucky he is. Anyway, God knows why but it works, and the Connors are reconciled.

Elsewhere Brian practically has to beg Rita to come back to the Kabin (Johnny take note). She eventually agrees on the condition that she is still the manager and that she doesn’t have to make all the tea, as it’s below her paygrade. For the love of God Reet, you’re 87! Surely it’d be a relief to not have to put on four layers of slap every day to distribute a couple of packets of mint imperials and give Brian the Tanner death-stare when he messes up the papers?

Finally, round at No.8 Shona tells David that she loves him for trying to be ok with her helping Clayton. With their problems resolved they head for bed, when we see someone pick the lock on the back door…

Is it one of Clayton’s prison cronies or is it the ghost of one of Gail’s husbands? It’s probably a safe bet that at least one of them is a bit dissatisfied with the afterlife. Maybe Michael can’t rest because someone’s not squeezing the toothpaste right to the end of the tube. Maybe spending 30 years in the hot place is seriously ruining Brian’s curly perm?

All will surely be revealed soon…
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Rhea is too similar a name to Roy to be a coincidence, so presumably a sister. But not deceased as the inscription reads: RP not RIP. Born in 1959, she must be Roy's younger sister as he is about 65. So she was adopted or taken away by Social Services? 1959 isn't necessarily the DOB. If it is, and this is Soapland, we're coming up to her 60th birthday and likely to see her on the Street. Jenny is simply wonderful and I really like the relationship of the couple. An insightful point was made yesterday that she forgave Johnny too quickly. I didn't catch the name of the writer of the 8.30 episode but it was very sensitively written.

Anonymous said...

Roy's mum apparently got about as he alluded to when he was speaking to Peter so I agree with HD. A love child Sylvia couldn't care for and will show up looking for Roy at some point.

amanda50 said...

Great review, I loved your summing up of the Jenny/Johnny marriage.I still think Jenny is much too fabulous to settle for Johnny and he's punching well above his weight.
It would be lovely for Roy to discover a sibling, he's been such a lost soul since Hayley went off to the big knicker factory in the sky.

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