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Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 8 February 7.30pm

Greetings Corrie fans, it's Kelly here with the first of your Friday night Corrie reviews.

We open with the un-imprisoned Jenny making a grateful call to Liz for failing to show up at court and thus invalidating her case. Little does she know that by now Liz is at the pool, downing her third Pornstar Martini of the morning and planning her next foam party and fumble with Big Jeff from Bolton.

Meanwhile Jenny’s errant husband has finally noticed that his wife might be drinking an ickle bit too much. It’s taking him a while to get it, but to be fair the clues (giving herself a black eye, paranoid screaming at the Rovers punters and nearly killing the barmaid) were rather subtle.  Feeling pleased with himself for working it out, he decides the solution is a big romantic gesture, and so bursts into the Rovers telling Jenny he’s whisking her away for a night in a posh hotel. In doing so he inadvertently ruins Gemma’s idea of a perfect evening – having a takeaway with Chesney whilst wearing her ‘Dua Lipa look’. I’m not really cool enough to know what this look consists of, but I’m guessing it involves a fair amount of exposed midriff, so Ches may have had a lucky escape.

Out on the street Roy asks for Peter’s help in choosing a piece of his mother’s jewellery to give to Carla. Peter, (who's rather pleased to be a Carla Connor expert), picks something out for him and then offers Roy a tour of his boat. As Roy reminisces about his childhood boating adventures, we get a glimpse of his unhappy past with an absent unfaithful father and a cold mother. I was momentarily worried that this was part of Peter’s boat-themed seduction routine but luckily Roy doesn’t seem to be his type.

Meanwhile Shona asks Imran for his advice on moving Clayton to an open prison. In the process she incurs the wrath of moral guardian and uber-hypocrite Nick who has a go at her for having no regard for David’s feelings. He’s got it completely wrong of course, as David’s moodiness is because he loves Shona and wants to do the right thing and be there for her. Shona calls her son to tell him that there’s little chance of him getting a move and the little toe rag tells her that the only other way to keep him safe is for her to smuggle drugs into prison for him. I can’t help thinking that he needs to think outside the box a bit more. Surely being extra nice to the lonely 22-stone psychopath from G-wing might be a third option, but I suppose one unlikely to be suggested by his mother.

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