Friday, 2 November 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 2 Nov

CARLA DISCOVERS PETER’S PLAN Sarah’s intrigued to see Peter head out for a meeting with Nigel Steadman, a competitor of Underworld. He lies to Carla about his meeting, while she hastily hides a letter from the bank. As Nigel confirms he’s still keen to buy Peter’s share of the factory they’re interrupted by Carla (Sarah’s told her). Telling him he’ll never get his hands on Underworld, Carla demands to know what Peter’s playing at. When Peter explains how she’s made him feel superfluous to requirements, Carla assures him they make a good team but need to learn to trust each other.
ALI HANGS UP HIS STETHOSCOPE Ronan’s mother Patti approaches Ali and asks him to talk her through her son’s final moments. Struggling to keep his emotions in check Ali lies, telling her he did everything he could to save her son. Ali breaks down and tells Michelle he can’t live with the guilt.
KATE SUPPORTS DANIEL When Kate hears about Sinead’s cervical cancer, she’s devastated and promises Daniel she’ll be there for him every step of the way.
ELSEWHERE At Faye’s insistence, she and Tim prepare Gina a meal to thank her for all her help round the house. Gina’s touched as Faye explains Tim will then be taking her to watch Weatherfield County.

Carla admits to Johnny that despite everything he’s done, she’s still in love with Peter.
ROBERT ADOPTS HIS PATERNAL ROLE Ali returns home drunk and confides in Robert how he killed Ronan, he can’t live with the guilt and intends to hand himself in to the police. Robert implores Ali not to hand himself in but to return to his GP training where he will have the opportunity to save thousands of lives. Ali takes his words on board. Robert offers Ali a job in the bistro kitchen for a few weeks until he returns to the hospital. Ali thanks Robert and Michelle for their unerring support.
KATE’S MAKING PLANS Kate excitedly confides in Jenny that she intends to propose to Rana when she returns.
ELSEWHERE Nick tries to convince Leanne that he’s a changed man and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. After an evening of football, darts and a kebab, Tim thanks Gina for all her help and pecks her on the cheek, it’s clear she’s smitten. Bethany visits Ryan in hospital.

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