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Corrie's Top 10 Storylines of 2010s - No. 10

Guest blog post from Jade Rainbow who is on Twitter: @MissJE1994
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I was talking to a friend the other week about our favourite Coronation Street storylines ever (I don't know how this conversation started!). It got me thinking that actually, it's impossible to pick the best ones from a show that's been running for nearly 60 years (and is mostly brilliant). 

In the end, I decided to just focus on the current decade, because that's obviously what I remember most clearly. To be honest, even just picking ten from the last eight/nine years was actually really difficult, there's so many fantastic ones to choose from (and a few bad ones too) and there were plenty that came really close but just didn't quite make the cut. Anyway, here's what my top ten would be if Pat Phelan pointed a gun at my head and told me  I absolutely had to choose.

Today is No. 10. Tune in every day for the countdown over the next nine days to my top 2010s storyline.

10. Tyrone's Domestic Abuse (2011-2013)
Life hadn't been kind to Tyrone in recent years, he'd lost Vera, then Jack, then Molly and the baby he thought was his son, so surely it was about time he got some happiness right? Wrong. After getting together with police officer Kirsty Soames, it wasn't long before her true colours were revealed, and poor Ty endured months of psychological and physical abuse at her hands. Despite the situation, Tyrone was desperate to make the relationship work because Kirsty was expecting their baby, and she had also revealed that she and her mum had been abused by her dad until she left home. If anything though, the arrival of baby Ruby made everything worse, Tyrone sought comfort with Fiz and planned to marry Kirsty purely to get custody of Ruby. Kirsty found out about Fiz and during an argument with Ty, she fell down the stairs and tried to pin the abuse on him, ultimately leading to him and Fiz doing a (short lived) runner with Hope and Ruby. Once she had Ruby back though, it didn't take long for Kirsty to realise she couldn't cope and she started lashing out at her neighbours. Eventually, realising she couldn't keep her temper a secret anymore, Kirsty admitted everything to the police and was told by Tyrone to never contact him or Ruby again. It was a sensitively handled storyline with both Alan Halsall and Natalie Gumede winning well deserved awards for their portrayals, and it was a side of domestic abuse that isn't highlighted on television often enough. The big question though, is that really the last we'll ever see of Kirsty?

Guest blog post from Jade Rainbow who is on Twitter: @MissJE1994
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here! 

Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here!  

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Anonymous said...

Oh I hope that's not the last we see of Kirsty, would be great if she made a reappearance, especially if they could get Natalie back to play her.

Louby said...

Fab! I'll look forward to reading your other choices.

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