Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Corrie legend to be killed off at Christmas?

Some interesting tabloid tittle-tattle has surfaced this week saying that Liz McDonald will be involved in a hit and run car accident this Christmas.  

Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun:  “Liz’s attempted murder is one of the big Christmas storylines. Johnny is the one who initially arrested for it, but fingers are eventually pointed at Jenny. Jenny is still angry about Liz and Johnny’s affair, which was exposed at Tracy Barlow’s wedding. Scenes where Johnny was arrested were filmed last month, and the Weatherfield locals weren’t happy.”

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Anonymous said...

The fact it's being listed as an attempted murder shows that it's most likely a red herring, and she's not the one who is being killed off.

Still think that it's going to be Lewis that bites it, or that Clayton gets murdered in prison.

Anonymous said...

Oh no,not another character being falsely accused of a crime she didn't commit!
I bet it's Hannah or Jim who did it as revenge.
Why can't the writers have simple nice holiday story lines?

Anonymous said...


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